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The pulp or pulp chamber is the soft area within the centre to the tooth. The tooth’s nerve lies within root canals, which lie within the roots or “legs” of the tooth. The root canals travel from the tip of the tooth’s root into the pulp chamber, which also contains blood vessels and connective tissue that nourishes the tooth.

A tooth’s nerve is not vitally important to a tooth’s health and function after the tooth has emerged through the gums. Its only function is sensory – to provide the sensation of hot or cold. The presence or absence of a nerve will not affect the day to day functioning of the tooth.

Root Canal Pulp

What Damages a tooth’s Nerve and Pulp?

Nerve and pulp can become irritated, inflamed and infected due to deep decay,
repeated dental procedures on a tooth and /or large fillings, a crack or chip in the
tooth, or trauma to the face

What Are the Signs that a Root Canal is needed?

  • Severe toothache pain upon chewing or application of pressure
  • Prolonged sensitivity / pain to hot or cold temperatures
  • Discoloration ( Darkening of the tooth).
  • Swelling and tenderness in the gums
  • A persistent or recurring pimple on the gums
  • Sometimes no symptoms are present.
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