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About Us

So Why Choose us?

At Perfect Smile we believe that your smile is one of your most valuable assets along with your general health and wellbeing which we believe comes hand in hand. Our modern dental clinics are fitted with the latest and safest equipment, enabling us to provide you with the very best in service allowing you to reach out to the Smile you desire.

Our Clinics

All our clinics are designed with patients’ comfort and convenience in mind, from early and late evening appointment times available (including weekends) to the range of simple membership plans; from very highly qualified and experienced clinicians to state-of-the-art technology with fully supportive professional teams taking you on a journey that we take pride in delivering.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide all our patients the best dental health and the most brilliant smile we can. After all, these are your teeth; we’re just here to help you make them look their best and keep them that way.

We Offer

We offer both PRIVATE & NHS, along with specialist treatments in all our clinics.
Whether you choose a Private or NHS treatment options of treatments at Perfect Smile we are proud to offer you a BESPOKE treatment plan to suit your individual needs. research-based, honest and conservative and aim to deliver excellent results.

Our Clinicians

Our Clinicians assist with fulfilling our patient treatments within the hands of the Perfect Smile Team. We look to liaise with each other, taking every patient’s circumstances and treatment needed into consideration. An in-house referral system is in place to ensure your treatment is carried out as quickly as possible with the right experts.

We can deliver

We offer hassle free dentistry through easy access to any of our UK based clinics and with the wide range of specialists, along with Cosmetic experts we can help you anyway you need us to. A member of our professional team is waiting to hear from you. “How can we help?”

Waiting to hear from you

We promise to deliver you an honest, conservative treatment with excellent results!

Book an Appointment or pop in to any of our clinics to find out more on how we can help you look after your smile.



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