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10 tips to keep your teeth healthy and pearl-white

Posted on 15.08.2013 by perfectsmile

Zoom WhiteningCosmetic dentistry has the most advanced techniques to help your teeth recover its original white colour. To help maintain your teeth bright for as long as possible before or after a whitening treatment, check out these 10 amazing tips:

1) The tooth brushing times Saliva helps controlling the plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth but, as it dries during the night, you should clean all plaque and bacteria off before you go to bed and the one that may have built up as you slept.

2) The toothbrush replacement protocol Change your toothbrush at least once every 3 months for more effectiveness and comfort. As keeping a good oral hygiene is particularly important during orthodontic treatment, consider it before you make a decision, even if invisible braces prices are higher than those of traditional ones.

3) The blind flossing training If you learn to floss without a mirror, you’ll be able to floss anywhere. Keep dental floss at hand and use it when necessary. The healthier your teeth and gums, the better you’ll be able to successfully get affordable treatment for replacement of teeth, amongst other needed dental procedures.

4) The tongue scrapping step Scrapping your tongue every morning will help keep your mouth fresh and healthy until your next brushing.

5) The home-made solutions Gargling with apple cider vinegar before you brush your teeth in the morning or brushing your teeth with baking soda once a week will help you remove the more superficial stains in your teeth’s enamel.

6) The freshness test Alcohol free mouthwash and sugar free mints are your best allies against bad breath. To check your breath, lick your palm and smell it: if you smell something, recur to a helpful mint for freshness.

7) The white teeth diet Dark foods and drinks stain your teeth, so make sure you brush after eating those. If you are in a hurry or away from home you can use crispy foods such as celery, carrots or apples to help clean your teeth.

8 ) The camouflage option If your teeth are only decoloured, use a medium reddish lipstick to make them look whiter while you wait to get professional dental hygiene or to whiten your teeth with laser technology.

9) The professional teeth whitening Perfect Smile’s teeth whitening clinics in London offer you the most advanced teeth laser whitening treatments and at-home professional kits to help you make the most of your smile.

10) The prevention strategy Avoiding tooth staining drinks and foods is always important, but especially after whitening treatments. When taken good care of, whitened teeth can show dazzling results even after one year of the treatment.

When considering teeth whitening, consult with a professional dentist today the best ways to enhance the brightness and healthiness of your smile.

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