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All you need to know about teeth removal procedures

Posted on 18.02.2013 by perfectsmile

teeth removal proceduresThere are many reasons why a tooth should be extracted, and many ways to fill the gap and ensure dental health.

When a tooth is so damaged it cannot be repaired, removal is often recommended by dentists to prevent further risks for the patient’s health. The main reasons to extract a tooth are decay, gum disease, a broken tooth that can’t be repaired, an abscess on the gums or around the tooth, crowded teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth.

PREPARATION Before the surgery, the dentist will prepare you for the procedure. After reviewing your dental and medical history, he will explain what will be done to you, what you will experience and how you have to perform the aftercare of the wound.

The procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia to block pain. You may be offered a sedative for relaxing or, in extreme cases, be given total anaesthesia if the procedure takes place in a hospital.

PROCEDURE When the anaesthesia has taken effect, the dentist will widen the tooth socket and gently rock the tooth until it’s loose enough to pull out. Some pressure and noise is expected during the surgery, but not any pain.

Most teeth take only a few minutes to be removed. Others, however, may present complications such as incomplete extraction, fracture, damage to the jaws… Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specially trained to deal with all these potential complications. After the procedure, the socket will be closed with stitches.

AFTERCARE Some bleeding is expected after the extraction. The dentist will give you gauze to bite on and possibly recommend some painkillers to treat the discomfort the wound may produce. He will instruct you on how to treat the wound until it is properly healed.

OPTIONS As gaps in teeth may lead to severe damage of the oral and facial structure, dental implantsare one of the most recommended solutions by professional dentists. In case you want to undergo cosmetic treatments, it is good to remember that zoom whitening or any other teeth whitening procedures won’t affect the colour of the implants, so you might want to bleach your teeth previously or decide on the desired shade of the implant beforehand.

Dental implants in London are one of the most demanded solutions to fill missing gaps on teeth which could lead to more severe problems as well as to the need of further and more expensive treatments. However, dental implants for children are not available until their jaws have finished growing. In these cases, dentists usually recommend the use of place holders until the jaw growth is completed and the patient can get the implant. This way, problems such as misalignment or overcrowding of teeth will be avoided, thus ensuring a more optimal dental health for the child.

Each tooth extraction and filling procedure is unique to each patient, so ask your dentist for advice to make the right choice.

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