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Are you looking for an exciting job that makes a difference?

Posted on 06.05.2013 by perfectsmile

Are you looking for an exciting jobThen, why not being part of a professional team committed to help people improve their life and their health?

There are many opportunities for talented and motivated individuals in a dental team. From dentists to technicians, all dental professionals have a very important role to play in promoting, maintaining and helping others to keep an optimal dental health. Working with people and being part of a respected team are some of the aspects that appeal the most to dental professionals, a part from a good salary and a job that offers flexibility and security. As the training requirements vary depending on the role each professional plays within the dental team, there is a wide range of employment options to choose from.

Amongst the different jobs available for dental health professionals, the best known use to be those of dentist, orthodontist and hygienist. Dentists are dental health care professionals who diagnose, prevent and treat diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. They are sometimes assisted by orthodontic therapists when carrying out orthodontic treatments, who also provide some aspects of the treatment themselves, such as advice on orthodontic devices and invisible braces cost and benefits. Dental hygienists take care of the good state of the patients’ teeth and have a vital role in helping them prevent further problems from arising.

There are, however, other very important specialities and employment options in a dental practice: dental nurses support dentists in each and every aspect of a patient’s care, while dental therapists carry out a variety of procedures indicated by the dentist after an examination. Dental technicians or technologists are the ones who make dentures, crowns, bridges and braces to treat and improve patient’s comfort and appearance; something maxillofacial prothetists also see to when performing facial reconstructions to patients who have suffered an accident or disease.

Dental professionals can perform both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as laser whitening teeth procedures, dental implants or smile makeovers. However, from a routine filling to a cosmetic teeth surgery procedure, all members of a dental team are qualified professionals committed to give patients’ the best advice to treat their dental problems.

A part from a good academic background and experience, dental professionals need to be skilled, precise, patient, confident and sympathetic with patients. As explained by Perfect Smile professionals at their dental clinic in Ham, offering both NHS and private dentistry in a fully digital, modern practice with four surgeries, dentists’ salaries are very appealing –ranging from £36,000 to £81,000– but it’s the team work, people skills and the satisfaction of helping people which makes it a truly exciting job.

Perfect Smile Dental offers treatments from basic examination to teeth whitening in clinics in London across 13 modern, fully equipped practices counting on qualified, professional and skilled dental health care teams.

If you love working with people and want to make a difference with your work, start a career in a dental team today.

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