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Become Part of the Fastbraces Revolution

Posted on 26.04.2014 by perfectsmile

Fastbraces - The Innovative and Miraculous TreatmentMany people are reluctant to have braces fitted to straighten their teeth because of worries about how they will look and how long they will have to be worn. These fears, however, are based upon the kind of cumbersome uncomfortable metal braces that used to be used, whereas, in reality, modern dental technology has moved forward hugely. Ask about Fastbraces in London and you’ll be shown an innovative new treatment which shifts both the root and the crown of the tooth simultaneously, thus greatly reducing the length of time it takes to shift teeth to the desired position. Not only do they work more quickly, but Fastbraces are also smaller, more comfortable and much less noticeable that traditional braces.

With any new treatment, the question most patients want answering is how reliable and safe it is. The good news is that the Fastbraces treatment has been subject to testing and research at university level, meaning that orthodontists and patients alike can relax in the knowledge that it offers successful results with a greatly reduced risk. The research and development phase of the product produced several highly encouraging findings:

Friction – The low friction associated with the brackets utilised in this system mean that far less force was required to shift the teeth into the correct position.

Pain – The design of the Fastbraces, and in particular the fact that they are slighter, lighter and less substantial that traditional metal braces, had a marked effect on the amount of pain and discomfort felt by patients. The studies showed that patients fitted with Fastbraces found the whole procedure much more comfortable.

Safety – The fitting of traditional bracers, whilst effective in shifting teeth, could none the less cause damage to these teeth, with prolonged treatment having an adverse effect upon the roots of the teeth. The greatly reduced treatment time offered by Fastbraces minimises the chance of this type of damage occurring.

The reluctance to have braces fitted, in adults and children alike, can stem from two main sources. The first is the worry that ugly metal braces may in fact look even worse than the problem which they are intended to fix, and the second is that the treatment may have to go on for so long – in some cases as long as two full years – that it will come to totally dominate their life. Whilst the peer pressure and uncertainty of youth is well recognised as being a reason why children might not wish to stand out from the crowd by having traditional braces fitted, it would be wise not to underestimate just how awkward the treatment can make adults feel. Occasions like dates, job interviews weddings and business meetings can all be made that much more stressful by the thought that your highly visible braces are going to be all that anybody notices. The Fastbraces treatment allays both these fears for young and old alike. Not only are the braces a lot less noticeable, but they also spend a much shorter period fitted to the teeth, and both these factors combined should persuade far more people to take the plunge and get the straight and even smile which is within their grasp.

If you opt to have Fastbraces fitted at a Perfect Smile clinic your treatment will be overseen by clinical lead dentist Dr Talbir Minhas. As well as extensive experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, including an impressive collection of total smile makeovers, Talbir, or ‘Tim’ to his friends, has blazed a trail by being one of the first UK dentists to fit ceramic Fastbraces after undergoing training at the Fastbrace institute in America.

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