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10 resourceful ways to find a job in dental care

Posted on 20.06.2013 by perfectsmile

Dental RecruitmentStarting a career in dentistry has become a challenge for many young dental care professionals who look for their first job.

While many youngsters struggle today to enter the job market, professional jobs become harder and harder to. For that reason, here you have ten good ways to discover potential vacancies –some of which may never had occurred to you as sources of employment!

1. ONLINE SEARCH: maybe the number one resource when looking for a job these days, online search is not only limited to those massive employment portals, but can also refer to specialised, local sites offering you more targeted opportunities.

2. FAMILY CONTACTS: there is no shame in recurring to your relatives if they work in or are close to dental care practices. A good referral from someone who knows you well can open many doors.

3. PLACEMENT SERVICES (SCHOOL): placement advisors often scout job opportunities for new graduates. Get in touch with your university to find out if they employ a placement advisor and how can you access his services.

4. PLACEMENT SERVICES (PRIVATE): there are businesses which focus on providing occupation services to practices and associates. Recur to them to find a vacancy in a tooth implant centre, a hospital or a dental practice that matches your clinical and work philosophies.

5. DENTAL SOCIETIES: check your local dental society’s website for job opportunities. Also, rely on local and nationwide leaders in organised dentistry to introduce you to other dentists and to obtain first-hand information about potential vacancies in your area.

6. STUDY CLUBS: find out which dentistry study clubs operate in your area and talk to its leaders and members. Having dinner between evening presentations about laser whitening in London or the best guide to dental care can be the perfect occasion to learn about a job opportunity.

7. PROFESSORS: like with your relatives, do not hesitate asking your instructors or mentors from university whether they know about any career opportunities for you. Most of them work in a private practice or can lead you to a vacancy in the academic field.

8. RELATED PROFESSIONALS: accountants and lawyers specialised in the dental field usually have first-hand information about job opportunities and the philosophy of the dental practices they work with.

9. SUPPLIERS: the representatives of dental supply houses have very up-to-date information regarding dental practices in your area and might be able to help you in your search.

10. DENTAL LABORATORIES: labs have regular communication with other labs and dental practices. They might help you contact practices with good reputation for high-quality work and even ease your way to them.

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