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Braces: do you have all the information you need to decide?

Posted on 26.11.2012 by perfectsmile

Find out all what’s essential to know about aligners to make sure you are making the right choice

A part from the dentist’s advice, patients’ preferences play an important role on deciding which teeth straightening procedure will be the one they follow. But, how can you choose if you don’t have accurate or enough information?

Teeth straightening procedures are a common practice in general dentistry. They not only improve patients’ appearance, but also reduce his risk of needing further dental treatments. Straightened teeth ensure a better function and comfort with a proper bite, as well as enhanced force distribution and wear patterns; therefore helping to maintain healthier teeth and gums as well as a good oral hygiene.

teeth straightening braces

Orthodontic Braces

Even though teeth straightening braces can be used by both adult and children, an early treatment is recommended by dentists for shorter and easier usage. Depending on the age and the complexity of the dental problem the dentist will recommend the patient one of the three sorts of orthodontic braces available.

Traditional braces

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces, made of metal or ceramic,consist on wires attached to teeth by brackets which are periodically tightened in order to encourage teeth to move into the desired position. Those are quite effective, mainly in cases of severe misalignment  but can also irritate or even infect gums and soft tissues. Made also of metal, lingual braces work the same way, but are concealed behind the teeth to offer a more discreet look. These have although the disadvantage of being more uncomfortable than the standard ones and more difficult to adapt to.

Invisible braces

Invisalign Braces

Finally, Invisalign braces consist in custom made trays which apply a gentle pressure to the teeth so they move into the right position; however they aren’t suitable for patients with severe misalignment or malocclusion problems. Patients wearing clear braces experience only a mild discomfort at the beginning period of each new aligner, approximately every two weeks, lasting no more than a day or two. As orthodontists advise, Invisalign aligners have to be used a minimum of 20 hours a day, being very convenient because they allow the patient to remove the trays to eat, brush and floss, thus enabling them to have a much better oral hygiene.

Patients don’t need to be adults to wear clear braces, even though they need be mature enough to use the trays constantly in order for the treatment to work. That’s why Invisalign teen and Invisalign for kids were created as special programs to ensure the best match for their teeth depending on their stage of development, as well as to make it easier for them to wear, clean and change the trays when necessary including special features that consider wear time, eruption of canines and molars and individual replacement aligners. Technology advance allow patients today to choose a more suitable, comfortable and convenient option for their teeth straightening, considering always their dentist’s advice

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