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Can Teeth be Grown From Urine Stem Cells?

Posted on 27.03.2014 by perfectsmile

As the field of dental technology becomes ever more advanced and complex, so the treatments and cures on offer can seem to hail from the realms of science fiction or fantasy. Whilst most patients will now be aware of the fact that Perfect Smile can implant a tooth in a manner which will form a perfect facsimile of the missing original, they might still be surprised to hear of the work which is being done at the very cutting edge of dental technology.

The appeal of a Perfect smile clinic is a combination of the quality and professionalism of the service provided and that fact that, to take just one example, dental braces cost no more than those available elsewhere whilst offering unmatched levels of excellence and convenience. Another advantage of using a clinic which stays abreast of the latest developments in the orthodontic field is that you, as a patient, will be amongst the first people to be able to take advantage of new treatments and techniques as they emerge, such as the burgeoning field of stem cell research and the opportunities it might present for actually ‘growing’ new teeth.

Replacing missing teeth is usually a question of fitting an implant a bridge or a set of dentures, but the latest stem cell research is aimed at making it possible to ‘grow’ replacement teeth which not only look completely real but are, in biological terms, a completely natural product. Whilst crowns and implants made from substances such as ceramics may well offer the very best that the latest technology has to offer, a replacement tooth grown from actual stem cells would mark a quantum leap forward, and the latest research suggests that this may one day actually be possible.

Interesting Research – Growing Teeth From Urine Stem Cells: Academics and engineers at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health in China have published research in the Cell Regeneration Journal which detailed experiments wherein urine was used as the material from which cells were harvested and turned into stem cells. These cells, in the experiments detailed, were then implanted into rodents, and, within three weeks were found to have formed a structure with all of the properties of a tooth, which meant that they featured enamel, dentin and pulp. To date, the teeth which have been grown in this manner have not been quite as tough and durable as natural teeth, but the scientists working on the research are hoping that this a problem which can be surmounted. Whilst research of this kind may seem a million miles away from the average trip to the dentist it should be borne in mind that treatments which are now seen as everyday – such as teeth whitening, implants, Invisalign braces and cone beam scanning – were themselves regarded as being the stuff of science fiction or at least highly advanced research, whereas today they are amongst the standard offerings from a state of the art dental surgery.

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