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Do not hide your smile ever again: reshape it!

Posted on 01.01.2013 by perfectsmile

Do not hide your smileMany aesthetic dental problems are treatable today thanks to the painless, fast and advanced procedures offered by cosmetic dentistry.

Improving one’s smile is not only a matter of vanity, but it also has a very positive effect on people’s self-esteem and their ability to interact with others at work and in their social lives. For that reason, having bright, white and even teeth is a great deal for many patients nowadays. If that is also your case, cosmetic dentistry offers you a wide range of procedures to help you from recovering the natural colour of your teeth to fill the gaps left by lost tooth.

Among these treatments, specially designed to treat misshapen and/or discoloured teeth, veneers are shaped like real teeth to cover your existing ones and give you a natural looking smile. Resulting from the rapid advances in cosmetic dentistry, nowadays veneers not only look but also feel natural, allowing you to eat and clean your teeth normally once they have been placed.

In order to get porcelain veneers placed on your teeth, there are some steps you will need to follow at your dental clinic:

  • Consultation: your dentist will check up on the condition of your teeth and gums and advise you on which are the best options to solve your current problem.

  • Measurement: your dentist will take measurements of your teeth in order to make the veneers so they can fit your smile and make it look natural.

  • Placing: your dentist will shave down some of your teeth’s structure in order to cement the veneers to the front of your teeth.

  • Follow up: if needed, your dentist will ask you to visit him back to check up on how you are adapting to your veneers.

  • In case you are concerned about the cutting away and filing down of healthy tooth structure required to apply the veneers, there is another solution you can look at.

Lumineers are an alternative to traditional dental veneers that doesn’t need teeth to undergo shaving down procedures or patients to take anaesthetic shots. It is a fully painless procedure where the ultra-thin, highly translucent coverings are attached to teeth without having to prepare them beforehand. They combine the aesthetic appeal of veneers with the convenience of teeth whitening procedures, offering a permanent yet reversible solution which leaves the tooth structure wholly intact.

Both veneers and lumineers offer a great enhancement for patients suffering from chipped, crooked, spaced, discoloured or misshapen teeth. The improvement of the smile thanks to these procedures not only brings confidence and self-esteem to patients, but also ensures a better maintenance of the condition of their teeth, as well as higher oral hygiene standards.

With veneers and lumineers you can enhance your smile so you won’t need to hide it ever again

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