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Don’t let your missing teeth threaten the healthiness of your smile

Posted on 03.06.2013 by perfectsmile

Dental ImplantsAge, decay, periodontitis, trauma… there are many reasons to tooth loss, but none to stop replacing your missing teeth!

Having gaps in your smile can have a harmful effect on both your social life and your job, but can also be dangerous to your overall health as missing teeth can lead to severe dental problems such as jawbone loss, changes in your facial structure or a higher proneness to gum disease.

One way to solve this is using dentures, which you can choose depending on your preferences and dental needs.


  • CONVENTIONAL DENTURES require all your teeth to be already removed when the construction of the denture begins.
  • IMMEDIATE DENTURES are used if you still have some of your teeth when the construction of the denture begins. Those are left for a more natural appearance and better chewing ability in the meantime, and are extracted once the denture is ready and immediately placed.
  • COMPLETE DENTURE RELINES are a procedure to renew the fit of your denture. As the shape of your jaws changes over time, the surface of the denture that rests on your gum needs to be refitted to ensure its comfort and functionality. There are two types of procedures: laboratory relines (made from an impression of your teeth taken by your dentist) and chairside relines (made with a runny plastic placed into your denture and hardened against your gums). Laboratory relines are slower but very lasting, while chairside relines are quicker but typically less durable.

If you wish a more permanent, functional and natural-looking solution, dental implants are a more contemporary approach that doesn’t require all your teeth to be extracted. Whether you choose implants or partial dentures, orthodontic braces treatment might be needed if your teeth have misaligned because of the gaps. However invisible braces prices are usually higher than traditional ones, they may offer you greater value when taking care of your oral health and preventing gum disease before getting the teeth replacement treatment of your choice.


CAST PARTIAL dentures are custom made using a metal alloy underlying structure and tooth clasps, and completed by denture teeth and gum-coloured plastic. Its durability, seamless fit and retention, strength and minimal thickness make them the appliances of choice for most patients.

ACRYLIC PARTIAL dentures contain tissue-coloured plastic on their base, where the denture teeth and metal clasps are embedded. These are generally less functional, durable or strong than cast partials, as well as having an effect to your natural teeth, however they allow additional teeth to be added, have a lower cost and are option for transitional purposes.

VALPLAST® PARTIAL dentures use flexible tissue-coloured plastic for both the base and the tooth clasps. Because of their flexible nature, these are less irritating to teeth and soft tissues, as well as less noticeable to others.

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