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Find out how to improve your health beginning from your teeth

Posted on 15.04.2013 by perfectsmile

improve your health beginning from your teethHaving a good oral health not only helps you fighting dental conditions, but also maximises the optimal state of your overall wellbeing.

Clean teeth and gums mean a mouth free of decay, foul breath, discolouration, stains and other inconveniences, both unattractive and potentially dangerous for your health. Keeping cavities at a bay helps you prevent dental diseases, tooth loss, jawbone wearing and changes to your face as a consequence of that.

Brushing and flossing on a daily basis, having regular check-ups with your dentist and following a well-balanced diet rich in fluoridated water are the three main tips to maintain a fresh and healthy mouth.

BUT, WHY? There are lots of reasons why you should want to have a brightly clean smile:

• FLASH IT! A good oral hygiene helps your teeth maintaining their natural colour. The daily removal of stains caused by drinks, foods and smoking habits makes the need of bleaching less frequent for you. Also, teeth whitening clinics in London such as Perfect Smile’s advise of the importance of a good oral hygiene to make the optimise the treatment’s results.

• SMELL IT! Bad breath can make smiling, socialising or performing your best at work a lot harder when you feel embarrassed about it. And not only this, but it can also be a sign of periodontal disease.

• COUNT ON IT! As cavities can lead to tooth loss, it is best for you to take care of your oral health before having to undergo the procedure for replacement of teeth. However the work of a qualified dentist at a good teeth implants centre can help you restore your smile, remember tooth loss can affectthe position and functionality of your other teeth too.

• CHERISH IT! Bad dental health has been associated with a higher risk for heart disease. Inflammation from your gums can spread to your whole body, negatively affecting your overall health.

KNOW-HOW Brushing and flossing properly are the key to an optimal oral hygiene, so here you have some tips to ensure your teeth and mouth are completely clean and fresh: 1. Floss gently, using back-and-forth movements to guide the floss between your teeth. 2. When the floss reaches your gum line, curve it against your tooth and slide it under and away from your gums. 3. Brush at least twice a day during a couple of minutes, with a soft bristles brush and fluoride paste. 4. Change your brush every 3 to 4 months or when it wears, especially if you are under invisible braces treatment. 5. Use short back-and-forth strokes that go from your gums to the tip of your teeth. 6. Pay special attention to your gum line, the back of your teeth, your tongue and, if you wear clear braces or any other orthodontic device, to the place where your teeth are more crowded.

Make sure you brush and floss effectively every day and you visit your dentist regularly… and do not stop smiling!

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