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Good Dental Health For Older People

Posted on 25.07.2012 by perfectsmile

If you eat the right diet, clean your teeth properly twice a day and make regular visits to your dentist, there’s no reason whatsoever why your teeth shouldn’t last you a lifetime. In the past, it may have been assumed that older people would opt for dentures rather than keeping their own teeth, but modern orthodontic techniques mean that your teeth can not only survive into old age, but will do so in excellent condition.

There are clearly very many things which you, as an individual, can do to look after your teeth. The first of these is to eat a low sugar diet. Not only is sugar bad for you in terms of your general health, but it also encourages the bacteria which lead to tooth decay. Keeping it to the bare minimum in the food you eat and beverages you drink will give your teeth a head start in the race for a long and healthy life. The next important thing to consider is your dental hygiene regime. You should clean and floss your teeth twice a day, and it’s vital that you make sure you’re cleaning them in the right manner. Believe it or not, scrubbing your teeth too hard can actually wear away the enamel, leaving it more vulnerable to attack. A fairly gentle circular motion is the one recommended by your dentist, as is cleaning your teeth for at least two minutes every time, and replacing your toothbrush with a new one every three months or so.

No matter how careful you are, however, the passing years can still take their toll – just sit and think for a second about the number of things you eat in any given week, and imagine the work your teeth get through over the course of a lifetime. Its little wonder, when you bear this in mind, that wear and tear can cause problems for even the most diligent. As you grown older, there are certain things which it is particularly important to look out for.

As you get older, your gums naturally recede a little, meaning that hitherto protected areas are exposed. This leads to greater sensitivity to things like heat and cold and also a greater tendency to develop cavities on the root of the tooth itself. Existing health conditions such as diabetes can have an adverse effect upon your oral health, as can heart disease. It’s vital that your dentist is aware of any issues of this kind, as they will be borne in mind when assessing the condition of your teeth and deciding upon any course of treatment.

Often, getting older brings problems which are merely symptoms of the passing of time. Gum disease, for example, is more prevalent in those over the age of forty, and so extra vigilance is needed since, if caught early it can be reversed. Similarly, a lifetime of eating and drinking is bound to lessen the brightness of your teeth somewhat, but dull or grey teeth are no longer something you should just put up with, no matter how old you are. Your dentist, particularly if they are working at the leading edge of the latest technology, will be able to offer treatment such as laser whitening for teeth. Most people will be familiar with standard whitening, which involves applying bleach to the teeth several hours a day for a prolonged period of time. When the bleach is combined with the heat of a laser, however, the enamel might be lifted as many as five shades in a single visit to the clinic. Similarly, a single damaged or unsightly tooth isn’t something you should just accept as coming with the passing years. Ask about teeth implants in London and your dentist will explain how a metal pin and a crown can completely replace the tooth in question and do so in a manner which is natural looking and completely permanent.

Wanting to look your best is a natural human impulse, and it’s one which doesn’t fade as you get older. Modern orthodontic techniques mean that it is possible to maintain a healthy attractive smile for as long as you live.

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