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Green Tea – An Effective Way To Improve Oral Health

Posted on 19.03.2014 by perfectsmile

Ask any dentist and they willl tell you that they never stop looking for new oral health care tips to pass on to their patients in an effort to maximise their dental good health. From the obvious advice such as avoiding sugary drinks to the more cutting edge information, like the harm that asthma medication might do to the enamel of the teeth, a truly dedicated dentist will always be working to ensure that their patients are armed with the very latest knowledge required to keep their teeth healthy.

Amongst the more cutting edge pieces of dental hygiene advice your dentist might give you is one which is based around the otherwise rather old fashioned substance known as green tea. Studies into the beneficial properties of green tea have shown that it helps by limiting harmful bacteria, increasing the strength of the tooth’s enamel and slowing down the process whereby the starch present in food turns into sugar. Research has indicated that black tea, coffee and cocoa also offer benefits to the health of teeth, but that none of them is a match for the improvement brought about by the ingesting of green tea.

The latest studies concentrated on the effects of salivary peroxidase (SPO) and myeloperoxidase (MPO), both of which are naturally occurring substances in the human body which help to boost oral health. Whilst the presence of these enzymes in any given person is partly down to genetics it is also boosted by diet and the study found that the ingestion of green tea could increase the presence of the relevant enzymes by a significant degree. Experiments demonstrated that the addition of a green tea infusion to naturally occurring saliva increased the presence of beneficial peroxidase by 280%, whilst black tea achieved a slightly less impressive score of 54%. Whilst the scientific breakdown of the figures may indicate that the prescribing of green tea extracts may be the most effective means of utilising this positive effect, in practical terms the easiest means for the average person to take advantage of these findings is simply to drink green tea.

The beneficial effects of green tea mark just one example of the kind of research which a modern, state of the art dentist will be aware of and will bring to the fore when dealing with their patients. Find the right dentist and you can rest assured that if someone out there somewhere is working on improving dental health, you’ll be amongst the first people to hear about it.

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