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Gum disease: causes and consequences of a chronic inflammatory hazard

Posted on 25.04.2013 by perfectsmile

Gum diseaseMore than 50 percent of the world’s population suffers from moderate gum disease which, when left untreated, leads to a number of health complications.

THE DISEASE Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue which can rapidly evolve to periodontitis –a chronic inflammatory infection of the gums that affects the supporting structures of teeth. Gum disease produces cytokines (proteins with inflammatory properties), that go into the bloodstream, setting off a chain reaction of other inflammatory diseases throughout the body.

To fight gingivitis and avoid developing gum disease, a thorough oral hygiene routine including brushing, flossing and rinsing, must be performed on a daily basis, and complemented with professional cleanings at least twice a year.

However there are several causes to gum disease, a recent study published in the January/February 2013 issue of General Dentistry highlights the link between periodontitis and obesity. A great risk to the development of many overall health conditions, obesity has proven to be related to an increased production of cytokines that may directly injure the gum tissue, hence prompting the development of periodontal disease.

SURVEY AND RESEARCH As research on the relationship between obesity and gum disease is still ongoing, the latter has been recently related to potential negative implications in the long-term progression of AIDS-like virus produced diseases.

A study appeared on February 2013’s issue of the Journal of Virology relating gum disease to a negative effect in the progression of the viral infection.In order to find out whether gums inflammation would increase the chances of monkeys to becoming infected, the scientists introduced moderate gum inflammation in a group and exposed these and a control group to an AIDS-like virus. Any increased rate of infection was observed on the first group, however the animals with gum inflammation presented more viral variants, causing an augmented systemic inflammation after infection.

The study finally concluded that even mild inflammation in the mouth needs to be controlled because of its potential to lead to more severe consequences for the overall wellbeing. Therefore, dental care to fight gum disease becomes all the more important when suffering any immune condition or when presenting a risk factor such as overweight.

PREVENTION As mentioned above, the best way to minimise risks to health because of gum disease is removing plaque on a daily basis and regularly visiting a hygienist for professional cleanings. These two procedures become particularly important when undergoing straightening teeth treatments.

Orthodontic braces cost in London varies depending on the corrective needs of every patient, as well as on the device of choice to perform the treatment. Invisible braces cost tends to be higher than that of traditional metal braces, but results far more convenient in terms of maintaining an optimal dental hygiene by preventing any food particles from getting trapped in the device and by allowing a thorough dental hygiene.

As dental health has a direct effect on your overall wellbeing, ask your dentist how to best look after your mouth.

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