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Gum Health Linked to Heart Problems

Posted on 13.11.2013 by perfectsmile

Did you know that the is a clear link between poor gum health and the health of your heart? Research has shown for the first time that as gum health improves, the chances of developing Atherosclerosis significantly reduces. Atherosclerosis is a potentially serious condition where arteries become clogged up by fatty substances, such as cholesterol. It is usually the cause of heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease. Certain things can increase your risk of atherosclerosis, include smoking, being overweight or obese, having diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Researchers accounted for these potential issues, and still found a significant link. Visit your dentist regularly for a check to help your dentist identify any problems, as they develop. Regular hygiene cleans will help to remove the build up that causes gum disease. Perfect Smile Parsons Green offer tailor made hygiene plans to help battle the signs and causes of gum disease. Call on 02077311166 to arrange an appointment.

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