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Having Your Teeth Straightened Will Boost Your Attractiveness

Posted on 29.06.2012 by perfectsmile

Having Your Teeth Straightened Will Boost Your AttractivenessWanting to have a smile which is attractive to look at is only natural, and is not something which should be regarded as shallow and vain. There’s no escaping the fact that other people judge us by appearances, so ensuring that your appearance is as good as it can be will improve your chances of attracting a partner.

It’s a well known fact that people tend to make judgements of other people within seconds of first seeing them, and that the condition of your smile will play a large part in forming this judgement. Despite the fact that long term relationships have to be based on shared interests and likes and on having things like a sense of humour in common, it is impossible to avoid the basic truth that initial interest is almost always triggered by physical attraction. If your teeth are maintained in excellent condition, then this will create the impression that you are somebody who looks after yourself, takes pride in your appearance and is generally healthy and fit.

In the past, looking after your teeth was mainly a question of maintaining a strict cleaning regime and paying regular visits to your dentist to ensure that any problems were dealt with as soon as possible. No matter how much care you took, however, there was still only so much you could do to deal with crooked teeth, for example, or a smile which wasn’t straight enough. Advances in orthodontics, however, have created a situation whereby a huge range of treatments is available, capable of dealing with absolutely any problem you may have. Individual teeth can be capped, replaced with implants or covered over with veneers. If your teeth aren’t white enough, techniques are available which will lift the colour of the enamel by several shades, and combining one or more of these techniques will allow you to completely makeover your smile until it is as stunning as you wish.

Often, after the problems over individual teeth have been addressed the final step towards having the smile you want will entail straightening the teeth themselves – actually shifting the position of the teeth until they meet perfectly. The techniques available for doing this have moved on dramatically from the kind of large, cumbersome braces which many people probably remember from their school days. Modern braces are made of lightweight metal and ceramics, and will be much less noticeable whilst feeling far more comfortable in the mouth. In some cases, the brace itself can be fitted to the back of the row of teeth being straightened, meaning that it will be totally hidden from view and nobody but you will ever even know it’s there.

Some orthodontists supplying teeth straightening treatment may offer the option of using the invisalign system. This means using lightweight transparent plastic retainers which are virtually invisible to the naked eye, and can be slipped on and off when you want to eat or drink.

The process of straightening teeth can take many months, but the end results are often totally transformative and will be permanent in nature. Feeling confident in your smile will enable you to feel at ease when approaching people in social situations, with the knowledge that you’re creating a good first impression leaving you free to concentrate on expressing your personality fully and freely.

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