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Health check! Stick your tongue out and say “Aaah”

Posted on 27.08.2013 by perfectsmile

Orthodontic SurgeryThe condition of your teeth and mouth is not only an indicator of your dental health, but also of your overall wellbeing. Many dental conditions have either a cause or an effect in your general health, so monitoring your oral cavity is essential to ensure any signs of potential illness are spotted straight away and treated as soon as possible.

Because prevention and quick action always favour of your healthiness, knowing what the shades of your tongue indicate can prove very beneficial for you. When the tongue is working in perfect harmony, the 2,000-8,000 taste buds that it hosts release saliva to aid in digestion and make you distinguish flavours. In that state, the tongue presents a pink colour, which may change if there is some condition threatening your health.


1. Red However some foods or drinks can temporarily turn your tongue red, a dark or bright red tongue may be an indicator of vitamin deficiency. Lacking Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, Vitamin B12 or Iron can make your tongue acquire this shades of red that can indicate health issues like anaemia.

2. White Never a good colour when it comes to tongue shades, white can indicate you are suffering some sort of oral infection, including oral thrush. If that is the case, your tongue will look as if it was coated with a pasty white layer that can, in fact, indicate fungal infection by yeast or candida. Keeping your mouth clean and fresh, and receiving dental hygiene treatment at least twice a year will drastically reduce the chances of you developing a fungal oral infection.

3. Yellow Yellow shades in human body tissue are often an indicator of infection (as it happens when you have yellow mucus or if your skin turns yellowish). When the tongue is the tissue that acquires a yellowish shade, you may be facing a range of health issues, from bacterial infection to gastric acid reflux. As bacterial activity can be boosted by off-balance acid levels, it is important that you are aware of your dietary habits and your chewing patterns.

Misalignment and malocclusion are sometimes the cause of digestive problems because of the way you chew food. Invisalign for teenagers and adult patients can help you solve these problems in a seamless and comfortable way that no one around you will notice. Apart from these, missing teeth can also cause gastric and dietary issues, which is why Perfect Smile is best for tooth implants treatment: because you get the best dental care with the convenience of 13 clinics across London, where you can also enjoy cosmetic surgery benefits from tooth whitening to dental veneers in London.

Whichever the unusual shade of your tongue, seek professional advice for an early diagnosis and treatment of any health issue you may be facing.

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