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How Modern Dental Surgery has Evolved Through the Years

Posted on 04.02.2013 by perfectsmile

Modern Dental SurgeryThe traditional view of a dentist used to be that it was a place people visited in times of emergency. When decay or damage had set in, and teeth were becoming too painful to bear, then a patient would visit their local surgery in search of pain relief via a fairly basic procedure such as an extraction or filling.

For this reason, many people have grown up with a fear of the dentist, associating it in their mind with pain, discomfort and treatment which was, in itself, often quite traumatic. Modern clinics, however, are a different matter entirely, being state of the art, calmingly decorated places which resemble up market health spa’s more than dispensers of emergency medical help.

The change isn’t merely about the ambience of the places, either, or the relaxed friendly approach taken by the staff, since advances in technology and in the scope of dental treatment have combined to open up a massive new range of treatments. Of course, at the heart of any dental surgery in London lies a dedication to preventative medicine aimed at stopping their patients developing decay or gum disease in the first place. This approach will encompass offering dental hygiene advice and tips on matters such as the best ways to brush and floss your teeth, and the foods to avoid as well as those which will actually boost your dental health.

Over and above this, a modern dentist will offer treatment programmes aimed at totally transforming the appearance of a patients smile. These can encompass everything from tooth whitening using a combination of bleaches and lasers, to straightening crooked or overcrowded teeth by utilising clear braces which shift them into the correct position with the minimum impact upon the patients work or social life.

Wanting your smile to look the best it possibly can doesn’t mean that you are vain or overly obsessed with your appearance. The knowledge that your teeth are straight and even and white will allow you to relax and fully express yourself in the whole gamut of situations, from delivering a presentation at work to going on a blind date. Worrying about the appearance of your teeth, on the other hand, even if it’s just one badly cracked or damaged tooth, can lead to a tension and diffidence which will transmit to other people.

For that reason, a modern dentist can examine your teeth, identify problems, offer a treatment plan which is fully explained and priced, and then set about transforming your smile. The equipment now used includes the before mentioned laser beams, x rays, computer modelling programs, 3D imaging and specialised laboratories capable of making bespoke items such as implants. All of this, combined with old fashioned, patient centred policies such as dental implant aftercare, comes together to provide a truly effective, twenty first century service.

Wanting the kind of dazzling smile which was once the province of celebrities is now something which is within everybody’s reach. A modern dental surgery brings together cutting edge technology and innovative working practices to make visiting your dentist something to positively look forward to.

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