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How to choose the right dentist for your kid with special needs?

Posted on 19.04.2013 by perfectsmile

Right dentist for your kidSelecting qualified professional that makes you feel comfortable during dental procedures become all the more important in the case of children with special needs.

There are many aspects to take into consideration when selecting the dentist that is going to look after your child’s oral health. Children with special needs can be a challenge for dentists, both because of specific dental issues that need specialised knowledge, and because of possible behavioural and sensory issues that can difficult the work on the kid’s teeth.

The right dentist for a child with special needs to be someone who has that specific knowledge, people skills to reassure your kid during dental procedures, and the ability to address all your concerns regarding your child’s dental health. But, how to make sure you choose rightly?

1. Connect with your dentist. It is very important that you and your child feel comfortable with the practice you choose. Make sure its staff respect you and effort to ease your kid before and during dental procedures. A caring practice will grant you a dental team that strives to provide the best possible care to your kid. Evaluating every few years your child dental needs and his relationship with the practice will ensure your choice is still right.

2. Experience is a degree. As your child may have some dental issues derived from his disability, you need a very specific kind of experience. Trust a dentist who knows what to expect regarding those particular issues and the behaviour of children with special needs –talk to him about your concerns, such as how to provide adequate dental care to fight gum disease or which teeth straightening method is best for your child. If you aren’t confident enough in that dentist, keep looking.

3. How to handle uneasiness. It is often difficult for children, particularly for those with special needs, to sit still during dental procedures. As there are several policies for restraining children, make sure you know and approve beforehand of the method the practice uses.

4. Don’t travel far. Location can be a factor if your child needs extensive dental work or regular visits for frequent hygiene procedures or orthodontic treatments with Invisalign braces. Take into consideration the anxiety your kid experiences when going to the dentist and the pain and discomfort when getting back home.

5. Consider financial concerns. Dental insurances are a source of great savings for the cost of dental care, but sometimes limit your choice of dentists. As it is essential that you can afford the treatments your children needs, an insurance covering orthodontic braces cost in London or making available for you invisible braces cost and other cosmetic treatments’ is worthwhile considering. Membership plans in clinics such as Perfect Smile Dental allow you to choose the right practice for your kid while saving you the financial hassle.

If you have a child with special needs at home, make sure you choose a qualified professional who makes you both feel comfortable.

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