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Indulge in a Complete Smile Makeover

Posted on 23.03.2013 by perfectsmile

Complete Smile MakeoverHaving a smile which you are completely happy with is something which allows you to approach a wide range of social and professional situations feeling relaxed and confident. The knowledge that your teeth are creating the best possible impression will put you at ease which, in turn, will put whoever you’re talking to equally at ease.

Looking after your teeth is a question of working hand in hand with your orthodontist to prevent problems occurring or, if this isn’t possible, find the right solutions to these problems. When you first approach a cosmetic dentist, the chances are that you’ll have specific problems which you want them to deal with. These might include crooked teeth, teeth which aren’t as white as they used to be, or a particular tooth which has become chipped or damaged and is therefore ruining the impact of your smile.

Having examined your teeth, your orthodontist will explain what type of treatment they recommend, and will lay out the plan in detail, explaining precisely what the treatment entails, what the effect will be and exactly how much the cost of cosmetic dental surgery will be. Once you’ve had your smile transformed, and feel happy and confident with the way it looks, the key aim will be to maintain it to the highest possible standard. A large part of this will entail visiting your dentist on a regular basis, ensuring they know exactly what’s happening with the condition of your teeth and gums. On top of this it is vital that you eat a diet which helps to maintain good dental health, avoiding food and drink which is high in sugar or the acids which attack the enamel of your teeth.

Having taken all of this on board, the final part of the equation is that you develop and embrace an effective and user-friendly cleaning regime. Keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque is the surest way of making sure they stay healthy and free from decay, as well as ensuring that they look their very best. The dental surgery cosmetic work which you access will be provided alongside access to a hygienist who will keep your teeth clean and explain and demonstrate the best way of doing this in your own home.

The tips offered by a dentist advising you how to maintain strict dental hygiene will begin with the advice that you always floss between your teeth, removing debris and particles of food which would otherwise be hard to reach. Following this, they will explain exactly how you should go about brushing your teeth. This may sound obvious, but the brushing technique used by many people is actually actively harmful to their teeth. Your dentist will explain that you should use a soft brush, since hard bristles and over vigorous brushing can actually damage the enamel of your teeth.

Having advised as to the type of brush you should be using, and the toothpaste which is best in your specific case, they will explain that you should brush your teeth in a gentle circular motion, starting off at the gum line. They will also explain that a good two minutes is needed for a thorough cleaning, and that rinsing is a vital part of the process, thoroughly removing any particles of food which would otherwise stay and cause problems.

By making a habit of this type of cleaning, doing it at least twice a day and, preferably, thirty minutes or so after meals, you’ll be doing your bit to ensure that the work of your dentist doesn’t go to waste, and that your smile remains as stunning as it was the moment you left the surgery.

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