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Instant Veneers For That Dazzling Smile…

Posted on 19.09.2013 by perfectsmile

You have probably heard of Porcelain Veneers, they have been around for quite some time. They are the reason so many celebrities have that perfect smile, which can be very costly.     Instant or composite veneers are a fraction of the price, and look amazing to give that dazzling smile we all wish to achieve. Instant composite veneers can be used to correct crooked teeth, staining or gaps between teeth.   The treatment is carried out in one appointment, and there is no need for the teeth to be filled down, like porcelain veneers. So it’s pain- free to. “Yes really”   I would highly recommend instant veneers, as having had this treatment myself I smile more with confidence. “I truly feel I now have that perfect smile”   If you think it sound too good to be true – Why not book your free consultation today Dr Chris Doa on 020 8883 3286 You’ve nothing to loose…

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