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Invisalign! The 21st Century Alternative To Standard Braces

Posted on 14.04.2014 by perfectsmile

For many people, the last piece of the jigsaw when it comes to transforming the appearance of their smile consists of shifting the position of their teeth. One reason for this is that crooked or misaligned teeth, particularly if they’re only slightly out of position, are much less noticeable than many other problems, such as a missing tooth or stained enamel. Another thing which holds people back from seeking orthodontic treatment is the fear of having to wear ugly and cumbersome metal braces which are uncomfortable and unsightly. For many people, the image of braces which they have in their mind is one which they’ve brought from their school days, back when braces did indeed conform to this image. The truth, however, is that modern orthodontic treatment has moved on from this approach, and nowhere is this more apparent than for patients who’ve been prescribed Invisalign clear braces.

The Invisalign system consists of custom made plastic retainers which are worn over the teeth and gradually shift their position. They are often described as ‘invisible braces’ and with good reason, since they are crafted from lightweight, transparent plastic which is all but invisible to the naked eye. Even people who are stood in close proximity to you won’t know you’re wearing them unless you choose to tell them. The retainers can be taken out when you eat and drink, which means that the treatment will have an absolutely minimal impact upon living the rest of your life.

If you’d like to have your teeth straightened, and are attracted by the idea of a treatment which imposes minimal inconvenience, then ask your orthodontist and they’ll explain whether the treatment is right for you and exactly what it consists of. The first stage of the treatment consists of the orthodontist taking an impression of your teeth which will, perhaps in conjunction with 3D imaging, be used by a specialised laboratory to create your custom made braces. Each set of braces is worn for two weeks at a time, and is then replaced with the next set, with each subsequent set shifting your teeth a little bit more. The length of time which treatment will be required depends upon the complexity of your case and the severity of the problem, but it usually falls between 12 and 18 months. If you’ve put off having your teeth straightened because of a feeling that the metal braces would be worse than the problem they’re fixing, then this could well be the solution for you. Remember that straightening your teeth will also help to keep them healthier as well as improving their appearance.

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