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Invisalign – Braces that straighten your teeth without anyone knowing

Posted on 02.03.2012 by perfectsmile


For many people, the quest for a perfect smile ultimately comes up against the challenge of crooked teeth. Even if you’ve had your teeth cleaned, polished, capped or veneered, a bite which isn’t totally even will stop you having the kind of smile you’ve always wanted. In the past, the solution to such a problem revolved around the fitting of a set of metal braces. Not only were braces such as these uncomfortable and unsightly, they would also often have a detrimental effect upon the patients speaking voice, and cause discomfort if not pain. For all of these reasons, people would often shy away from accepting this form of treatment, resigning themselves, instead, to a lifetime of crooked teeth.

This has all changed, however, with the development of the Invisalign system of braces. The phrase ‘invisible braces’ may strike most people as sounding simply too good to be true, but that’s more or less what these braces actually are. Constructed from lightweight and totally transparent plastic, they are worn over the teeth and gradually shift the position of these teeth until the even smile you’ve always wanted has been achieved. So slight and unobtrusive are they that, unless you tell people you’re wearing them, nobody will even know they’re in place, and when you want to eat or drink they can be easily slipped off and then replaced when convenient. Thus, your smile will, over time and in a gradual and natural fashion, become the smile you’ve always wanted, whilst you can get on with your social and work life unimpeded in the meantime. The contrast with old fashioned metal orthodontic braces really couldn’t be greater, and there are few cosmetic dentistry treatments which fit in so neatly with the average person’s busy life.

The process of having the braces fitted is quick and straightforward. At the first appointment your dentist will explain if the treatment is applicable and outline factors such as the time it will take and how much the braces cost. Then measurements and impressions will be taken, and your custom made aligners constructed at a specialist laboratory. Each set will generally be worn for a period of approximately two weeks, before being replaced by the next set, and the total length of time it takes for the treatment to achieve the desired effect will vary depending upon the type and severity of the problem being dealt with.

If you feel that you would like to take advantage of the many plus points of Invisalign in London, or elsewhere in the UK, then visit your orthodontist at the earliest possible opportunity and have them list the many plus points in detail. The straight and even smile you’ve always wanted is now within reach with the minimum of disruption, and the confidence engendered by knowing that your teeth look every bit as good as they possibly can is quite literally priceless.

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