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Is getting a dental implant the right solution for you?

Posted on 03.12.2012 by perfectsmile

Is getting a dental implant the right solution for you?Find out all you need to know about dental implants to ensure you make the wiser decision

From teeth decay to accidental trauma there are many causes for tooth loss, as well as many solutions to the problem. The advice of a qualified dentist will always help patients decide which treatment suits them better; however, the more information the patient has, the more sensible his choice will be.

A tooth implant is a titanium replacement for a tooth root that is implanted in the jawbone and which supports a false tooth once the process is completed. The implant is inserted under the gum and fuses with the jaw bone during the osseointegration, when it forms a secure bond between the implant and the surrounding bone. This represents a permanent solution to a missing tooth problem, provided that dental implants can last a lifetime when maintaining a good oral hygiene.

To be suitable for a teeth replacement, the patient must have a good dental and general health. Dental implants for children are not common until their jaws have completely grown, which should happen around 17 years of age in the case of boys and around 15 in the case of girls. Patients should also consider that smoking or chewing tobacco can impede the healing process of the implant, prior to attaching the false teeth, thus making it unsuccessful.

Teeth implants require enough bone to support the titanium false root which is the base for the tooth replacement. If that’s not the case, bone grafting procedures can be considered to improve patients’ amount of bone, thus giving more support to the implant. Other dental problems such as gum disease, decay or infections need to be treated before proceeding to place the implant.

The procedure usually begins with a consultation with the dentist in Putney, where the treatment is planned, followed by a preparatory procedure to make the implant easier to fit and heal. The titanium root is placed within a few hours after that and it’s left to heal for a period of six weeks to six months. A temporary false tooth can be fitted in order not to leave a gap while the implant is fusing with the bone, being replaced by a permanent one three to nine months after the implant is placed. It is essential, from this moment on, to maintain a good oral hygiene and general dental health.

Dental implants cost may vary depending on the treatment, the number of teeth to replace and the condition of the patient’s mouth. Even though they are generally more expensive than bridgework or dentures, dental implants have to be considered as an investment; a cost-effective long-term solution to missing teeth problems that may affect speech as well as the ability to eat, smile and laugh.

Even though more costly at first sight, dental implants mean a much more permanent solution to missing teeth than the alternatives.

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