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It’s Never Too late To Make Your New Year Dental Resolutions

Posted on 12.02.2014 by perfectsmile

The end of the Christmas and New Year celebrations can often be a time when people take stock, looking back at the year that has just gone by and making decisions about what to do with their life in the next twelve months. For many, these thoughts will crystallise in the form of New Year resolutions, promises they make to themselves with the aim of becoming a better person in the next twelve months. Many such resolutions tend to be based around joining a gym, going on a diet or otherwise attempting to improve your levels of health and fitness. We’d like to take this opportunity, just in case you haven’t made your resolutions yet or are looking for just one more to complete the picture, to suggest some resolutions based upon maintaining good dental health.

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Modern dentistry is often all about offering hi-tech solutions and treatments aimed at dealing with problems which have already occurred – recommending a tooth implant to deal with a gap caused by a tooth lost through accident or infection, for example – but any dentist will agree that prevention is better than cure, and that keeping teeth healthy to begin with is the best possible treatment. To that end, we would like to suggest the following simple tips:

  • Hygiene – it’s simple but it’s true, nothing will do more to keep your teeth healthy than cleaning them a couple of times a day, using the right toothbrush, the correct technique and a paste containing fluoride.
  • Floss – no matter how well you brush, there are parts of your teeth, such as the surfaces where adjacent teeth meet, that you simply won’t be able to reach. That’s where the correct use of floss comes in. Many people worry that they don’t know how to floss properly, but a quick chat with your dental hygienist will allow them to explain exactly the right technique. Flossing daily will make sure that hard to reach plaque or debris isn’t allowed to stay in place and attack your teeth and gums.
  • Check Ups – ensure that you visit your dentist for a general check-up twice a year. You may feel as those your teeth look fine and are in perfect good health, but a professional may well be able to spot problems before they actually make themselves apparent, meaning that they can be treated before they become fully entrenched.
  • Relaxation – one of the major causes of damage to people’s teeth is bruxism, more commonly known as tooth grinding. People are often not aware of the fact that they grind their teeth because they do so whilst actually asleep. Because of this, many patients only realise they’re grinding their teeth when a dental check-up picks out the tell-tale signs or their partner points it out. Stress is often thought to be a contributory factor and so trying to remain as relaxed as possible will help to reduce the chances of falling victim to bruxism.

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