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Know More About Invisalign At Perfect Smile

Posted on 28.11.2014 by perfectsmile

As long as their teeth are white and healthy looking, many people ignore the fact that they may not be completely straight and even, and put off accessing any treatment to rectify this. This is a mistake for several reasons. Firstly, crooked, protruding or overcrowded teeth stop your smile looking as attractive as it could and thus dent your confidence and the degree to which you feel at ease when meeting with or talking to people. Secondly, a bite which doesn’t meet evenly could lead to problems with eating and speaking later in life, and could cause wearing of the teeth. The final issue to bear in mind is that many people, both adults and teenagers, shy away from having their teeth straightened due to a mistaken belief that the treatment will consist of having to have a cumbersome metal brace cemented to their teeth. The truth is that the Invisalign system of treatment shifts the position of a patients teeth in a comfortable and unobtrusive manner, as it consists of a series of custom made lightweight clear invisible braces. The fact that the retainers in question are completely transparent means that even people standing very close to the patient won’t be able to spot the fact that braces are being worn. Invisalign for Teens Teenagers who require orthodontic treatment of this kind are often reluctant to access it for fear of having to wear a frankly unattractive metal brace in their mouth. This is a shame, since teeth straightened at this age will result in a perfectly straight smile that lasts a lifetime. The good news is that Invisalign for teens provides high quality orthodontic treatment in a manner which is designed to fit easily into the average teenagers’ busy life. As with adult Invisalign, the retainers are made to measure in a specialised laboratory and are constructed of lightweight transparent plastic. The fact that they can be slotted on and off the teeth quickly and easily means they can be removed when eating and drinking and also makes it easy to maintain a strict dental hygiene regime. The retainers which are aimed at younger teens who may not have all of their adult teeth in place yet have a few features which are specifically aimed at this age group:

  • Wear indicators in the form of a blue dot which fades as the time to replace one retainer with the next gets closer
  • Features which allow for the fact that new teeth such as second molars or canines may emerge during the course of treatment
  • Free replacement retainers to allow for the fact that teenagers may be more likely to mislay and damage their retainers

As with any dental treatment, particularly those which are at the cutting edge of technology, Invisalign is only as good as the orthodontist providing the treatment. The most valuable advice to give to patients wishing to have their teeth straightened in a manageable but effective manner is to look out for a dentist, such as Perfect Smile, which has been granted Invisalign Platinum ELITE Status. This is a badge of quality only awarded to those dentists who handle a minimum of 80 Invisalign cases each year, and it means that you can relax in the knowledge that the person providing your treatment is highly experienced and will be able to deal competently with any problems which emerge. Perfect Smile has not only been awarded this status, but it can boast of being one of the UK’s leading Platinum Elite dentists, providing more treatments throughout the UK and Europe than almost any other dentist. The experience of the individual dentists is just one reason to attend a Perfect Smile clinic in order to access Invisalign treatment. As well as turning your crooked or overcrowded smile into a straight and even thing of beauty, Invisalign braces will reduce the risk of gum disease, since this is far more likely when teeth are either too crowded or too widely spaced. The nature of the retainers themselves will also be a boost to your oral health, since traditional metal braces featured numerous brackets, bands and metal bars upon which food debris and plaque were likely to gather. Finally, an even bite won’t merely look good, it will improve the way you chew your food, help you to maintain a clear speaking voice and stop unevenly spread stresses damaging the actual bone of your jaw. If you’re putting off having your teeth straightened because of a reluctance to put yourself through the long term commitment of wearing orthodontic braces, then contact Perfect Smile and book an appointment to discuss Invisalign today.

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