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Make Your Selfies Shine With Zoom Teeth Whitening

Posted on 29.07.2014 by perfectsmile

In 2013, ‘selfie’ was declared the word of year by the Oxford English Dictionary, and defined as a picture which you take of yourself, usually using a smartphone or webcam, which has then been uploaded to a social media website. Since the prime definition of any selfie is that you want as many people as possible to see it, particularly your friends both on and off line, it is vital that you look your best every time you take one. How many people have taken a hasty selfie and the regretted it later, when they took a dispassionate look at the quality of the image itself. One of the best ways of making sure you look as good as you can is by paying attention to your smile, and in particular the condition of your teeth. A bright, white smile won’t just look good, it will boost your confidence and enable you to relax and take the best selfie you can. One of the things which can stop your smiling look its’ best is if your teeth aren’t as white as they could be, but the good news is that dentists now have a quick and effective remedy for this problem in the form of zoom whitening.

Zoom whitening, like most other forms of teeth whitening, works by applying a bleaching agent to the surface of the teeth which lifts the whiteness of the enamel by several shades. What sets zoom teeth whitening apart, however, is the fact that it starts to work instantly, and can achieve the desired effect after just one visit to the clinic. This happens because, after the gel has been applied to the teeth, a special light is shone on them, boosting and speeding up the bleaching effect. There are many reasons why your teeth may have become discoloured, smoking tobacco and eating strongly coloured food and drink such as tea, coffee and red wine can have a detrimental effect, as can neglecting the hygiene of your teeth. In some cases, it is simply a question of wear and tear, as the top layer of enamel becomes thinner over the years and allows more of the darker material below to show through, and some people have the misfortune to be born with naturally greying teeth. Whatever the causes, however, whitening treatment of this kind will ensure that your teeth are bright and appealing the next time you pose for a selfie. Having transformed the whiteness of your teeth, the chances are that you’ll be keen to start snapping away, but there are still a few basic tips and rules to be observed if you want to end up with the best selfie possible: Inspect Don’t rush things; before holding your smart phone up at arm’s length check your appearance, tidying your hair, adjusting your clothes etc. and in particular checking your teeth. Make sure you don’t have a piece of food stuck between your otherwise sparkling front teeth or, in the case of women, a smear of lipstick across them. Teeth Speaking of the appearance of your teeth, it should go without saying, but it’s worth saying anyway, that you should always go to great lengths to look after your teeth. This means, in the simplest terms, eating a diet which is healthy and avoids sugary food and drink, adopting a strict and effective hygiene regime and visiting your dentist for a check-up twice a year. See a dental hygienist as well, since they will be able to tell you if you’re cleaning your teeth as well as you could, and will also show you the correct techniques. Lighting Pay attention to the lighting in the location of your selfie. Natural lighting is always a better option than artificial, but since many selfies are going to be taken when you’re out partying, this isn’t always going to be an option. Therefore, try to avoid lighting which is too bright, harsh and unforgiving, and also steer clear of sources of light which are directly overhead, as they tend to cast deep shadows around the eyes and the mouth, thus negating what should be the two best features of any selfie. Surroundings When you’re happy with the lighting you’ve chosen, take a quick look around to see what’s going to be in the background of your picture. After all, you don’t want to be upstaged by a pile of rubbish, some people standing behind you or a distracting piece of furniture, make sure that the only thing anyone will be looking at is you and your dazzling smile. Relax Don’t try to pose like a supermodel, just be yourself and smile naturally. Trying to look ‘cool’ is almost bound to backfire, and the best selfies, the ones you’ll actually enjoy looking back on in years to come, are those in which you allow your natural personality to shine through.

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