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Membership plans: the new way to ensure your dental health

Posted on 12.06.2013 by perfectsmile

Dental Membership PlanBenefiting from a dental insurance is most of times essential for healthy finances and healthy mouths, for you and your family.

Perfect Smile launches special dental membership plans to help our new and current patients ensure an optimal dental health. You can take its benefits by calling to one of our 13 practices across London or visiting us online.

Membership plans allow you to pay for your dental care on a monthly basis, including dental examinations, prevention programmes, maintenance routines and needed treatments. Because dental health is one of the doors to overall wellbeing, membership plans help you afford the dental care you and your family need, and avoid any issues that can endanger your healthiness.

Perfect Smile Dental membership plans are a reflection of our commitment to helping you look after your dental health. We offer a very comprehensive dental care scheme at comfortable monthly payments for anybody to join, without previous assessments or the need to undertake any prior treatments to be accepted. You just need to fill a form, pay one off administration fee of less than £10 and choose the Club Class option that best suits your needs.

Choosing Gold Class or Platinum Class membership options you will be entitled to a full programme to ensure the good condition of your teeth and gums, including

One to two dental examinations a year, plus a full oral cancer screening

Make sure your dentist knows everything that is to know about your mouth –because an early diagnoses always means better chances of success.

Two routine hygiene visits a year

Maintain the optimal condition and brightness of your smile.

Treatment for sensitivity and routine x-rays when needed

Help us foresee any potential issues with your teeth or gums, and save in expenses such as braces cost in London because of late diagnoses.

Dispensing of in-stock antibiotics

Make treatment for dental infections even more affordable to you.

Preferential appointment times

Get your teeth replaced at our dental clinic or undertake any treatment you need without the hassle of long waiting times and inconvenient appointment dates.

10% discount on general and cosmetic dentistry procedures

Ensure all the treatments you need are affordable to you. Enjoy the benefits of dental implants or correct misalignment issues with the most advanced and discreet orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign plans offered to our members.

Lots of perks

Access a range of exclusive offers and discounts on hundreds of goods and services from renowned brands.

An insurance

Add to these many benefits a dental insurance that covers for the callout fee of the emergency dental care provided to you by any dentist worldwide, dental trauma, hospitalisation in case of dental trauma, permanent facial disfigurement because of an accident, oral cancer diagnosis, and protection in case of redundancy.

Call our representative or visit us online for special offers and benefits on Membership Plans and ensure the healthiness of your smile.Benefits Of Membership

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