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More British People Seeking Dental Braces For A Beautiful Smile

Posted on 28.09.2013 by perfectsmile

There’s simply no getting away from the fact that people tend to make judgements based on first impressions, and that the condition of your teeth will go a long way towards forming these impressions. If you feel confident about your teeth then you’ll be able to relax and express yourself freely in a wide range of work and social situations. The ambition to have a set of teeth which are perfectly white, straight and even is now stronger than it’s ever been, since it’s virtually impossible to turn on a television programmer, watch a film or open a magazine without seeing a celebrity proudly flashing a dazzlingly perfect smile.

In the past, teeth which were this perfect were the preserve of Hollywood stars, but advances in cosmetic dentistry, and particularly in the field of orthodontics, have made it a dream which absolutely anyone can aspire to. For many people undergoing cosmetic dentistry the alignment of their teeth is probably the last thing which they consider. After all, other problems such as greying enamel, receding gums and damaged or missing teeth are so much more easily noticeable, but shifting your teeth so that they are perfectly straight and even will be the step which lifts a smile from being merely impressive to being truly outstanding.

For years, having a dental brace fitted was seen as being something which was mainly undertaken by adolescents or teenagers, but figures gathered recently show that this situation is changing. According to research, more than a million people are currently exploring the option of having braces fitted to their teeth and, what’s more, the average age of the people in question has shifted to twenty five and older. One explanation for this shift is simply a realisation that it’s never too late to follow the lead of your favourite celebrity and transform your smile, and another is the revolutionary change which has taken place in the nature of the braces themselves.

For many years, an orthodontic brace was a heavy, cumbersome, uncomfortable metal object which had to be cemented onto the front of the teeth and worn permanently for as long as the treatment took. Many adults would shy away from this on the basis of the cure being worse than the problem, but modern treatments, such as the Invisalign system, offer something completely different.

Invisalign braces take the form of lightweight, transparent plastic retainers which are custom made to slot easily over the teeth. They are often referred to as ‘invisible braces’ and the simple truth is that they are so unobtrusive that even someone standing very close to you will struggle to spot that you’re wearing a brace at all. Another bonus is the fact that they can be quickly removed when you want to eat or drink and then simply slotted into place again. Every two weeks or so, as the position of your teeth shifts, you’ll return to your orthodontist for the next brace until the process is complete and you have the perfectly straight smile you’ve always dreamed of. Invisalign is a system which combines effectiveness, comfort and ease of use, so it’s no surprise that the interest shown by patients has increased by a stunning 25 per cent in the last five years alone.

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