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Plan Carefully for Good Dental Health

Posted on 10.05.2014 by perfectsmile

Whilst it’s vital that patients attend their dental clinic for regular check-ups, thus ensuring that any problems will be spotted before they have the chance to become too deeply entrenched, there is now even more that can be done to forge a strong relationship between dentist and patient. Looking after your teeth properly should be approached as a long term project, not one which impacts only when problems arise, and the Perfect Smile dental membership plans help to ensure that this is precisely how you view the upkeep of your teeth.

We like to feel that we develop a relationship with our patients, and that this can only help to make their teeth as healthy, attractive and well-looked after as possible. The more your dentist knows about your teeth and your smile, the sooner they’ll be able to spot any discrepancies and the better placed they will be to recommend the course of treatment which is best able to deal with your problems. The membership plans help you to take a consistent, long term approach to good dental health, with the added bonus that they spread the cost of check-ups throughout the whole of the year. The perfect smile membership plans come as two different packages, Gold and Platinum.

The Platinum Class is the slightly more comprehensive of the two, and it includes the following:

  • Two dental check-ups and an oral health screen every twelve months. This also includes a six monthly screening for oral cancer.
  • Two appointments with a dental hygienist per year. This will help to keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh and will also act as preventative action against plaque and gum disease.
  • Routine x-rays as required and treatment for any sensitivity you may be suffering from.
  • A 10% discount on all general and cosmetic dentistry
  • The provision of antibiotics when they are in stock
  • Appointment times arranged for the patients convenience

Insurance: The plan also includes a small premium which pays towards insurance. This insurance means that you are covered against unforeseen dental trauma or accident, and it also covers you for emergency call out anywhere in the world, should you need to access emergency dental treatment. As an extra reassurance, your monthly payments will be covered by redundancy protection for a period of up to 12 months. The Gold Plan includes all of the benefits of the Platinum Plan, except for only offering one dental check-up every twelve months.

Additional benefits of joining the plan include benefit being provided if you find yourself hospitalised as a result of dental trauma, as well as if your neck or face are disfigured as the result of an accident and a payment to be made should you happen to be diagnosed with oral cancer.

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