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Prompt reaction can save from tooth loss after an accident

Posted on 15.11.2012 by perfectsmile

Prompt reaction can save from tooth loss after an accidentEven though one out of three kids suffer traumatic dental injuries before the age of 18, a quick response can help save their teeth

It is, in fact, possible to re-implant an avulsed tooth (a tooth knocked out of someone’s mouth) if the situation is handled properly and rapidly after the accident. The quick re-implantation of a tooth allows the best chance of it being re-accepted into the body and healing completely. A less than 30 minutes time out of the mouth is the best time average for successful re-implanting.

After an accident, there are four main and essential steps to follow in order to ensure the best chance for natural teeth re-implantation:

  • 1) Quick location of the lost tooth
  • 2) Rinse the tooth with sterile, cold water, saline or milk without scrubbing it or touching its root
  • 3) Place the tooth back into its socket and hold there until reaching the dental office or hospital
  • 4) Get it treated immediately by a professional dentist

If the tooth is accepted back into the body, antibiotics will be prescript to fight possible infection and regular check outs with the dentist will be needed to make sure the tooth re-implantation progresses well.

If the tooth is otherwise not accepted into the body, a root resorption process will take place, in which the body will reject and gradually destroy the root surface, leading to the loss of the tooth. In that cases, the best option to fill the gap left by that tooth are the dental implants for children. As professional dentists in Perfect Smile clinics advise, those implants can only be placed after the jaw has finished growing in order not to impede its regular development or stop other teeth from growing into their natural positions. Average ages for dental implants are more than 17 for boys and more than 15 for girls, although implants are proving safe to be placed in younger children in case bone loss occurs more rapidly than expected. If that doesn’t happen, dentist places a based bridge or a removable retainer in the child’s mouth to hold the space until he’s ready for an implant.

However the precautions, a gap when the teeth is still growing can cause further misplacement of teeth, so a straightening process may be needed for the child. If he has all his adult teeth, he can use invisalign for kids, both as braces to rearrange his teeth and as a mouth guard to protect them against blows or accidents in the future. The only requirement for children to wear invisalign a part from having all their adult teeth is being mature enough to wear the trays constantly so the treatment works properly.

However prompt response is the best option to restore a lost tooth, dental treatments can also help solving the problem

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