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Rescue Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted on 07.10.2014 by perfectsmile

On many occasions, the dental treatment you require will revolve around one simple (or not so simple) procedure; a filling, for example, or an extraction. As cosmetic dentistry becomes more popular and widespread, the treatment might be aimed at transforming the appearance of your teeth, via an implant, veneers or a whitening treatment. Sometimes, however, the problems you have are so severe, affecting multiple teeth or the mouth as a whole, that what you require is nothing less than the reconstruction of your whole mouth. This will mean working with your dentist to draw up a plan of multiple procedures which will return your mouth to a state of full health, and also leave you with a smile that looks amazing. Who Needs It? People who require full mouth reconstruction may be amongst those who have neglected their dental health for a period, or else have teeth which have become chipped or damaged. In many cases, the absence of one tooth can have a knock on effect, causing the patient to chew in one particular part of the mouth, thus creating imbalanced wear and tear. Over time, teeth which are unevenly worn may lead to pain in the jaw or even migraines and back ache. Full mouth reconstruction will reset the balance of your teeth and ensure that all parts of your mouth are working to maximum effect. What Treatments are Involved? Every case is unique, and the specific treatments required will depend upon the details of your problems. Your dentist will examine you thoroughly, discuss your needs and set about drawing up a detailed treatment plan, listing the treatments required and what they will entail. Amongst the treatments which might be considered are the following: Root Canal Treatment – this involves drilling into the tooth, removing and cleaning any infected or damaged root and then filling the tooth. Scaling and Planing – this treatment deals with gum disease and the build-up of plaque which both causes and is exacerbated by a swollen gum line. Plaque is removed from beneath the gum line (scaling) and then the roots of the teeth are planed to ensure the gums re-attach firmly. Straightening – if your bite isn’t even or your teeth crooked it will look unflattering and will also cause other problems, such as badly worn teeth and poor chewing of your food. In the worse cases your dentist might propose fitting an orthodontic device such as braces to shift your teeth into the correct position. Night Guard – many problems with badly worn teeth are caused by bruxism, or tooth grinding. One of the difficulties of treating such a problem is that many people grind their teeth while they sleep, and are thus not aware that they do it. A dentist will spot the signs, however, and will create a custom made guard to be worn through the night. Veneers – veneers represent a virtually instant solution to a whole range of problems. They are wafer thin ceramic shells which act like false nails on the teeth and can be cemented to the existing enamel to cover problems such as teeth which are discoloured, chipped and damaged, crooked or too wide apart. Implant – a dental implant is the ultimate solution to the problem of a missing tooth or several missing teeth. A small titanium pin is attached to the jaw and, over time, becomes a permanent piece of it. Once in place, this pin can be used as the ‘root’ for a replacement tooth or a bridge. Once in place, an implant is a permanent and natural looking solution. Whitening – the final step toward the smile of your dreams may well involve making your teeth whiter and brighter. This will mean your dentist creating a bespoke tray to be used to apply a bleaching agent to the enamel of your teeth. Some treatments take several weeks and involve daily applications whilst the most recent – treatments such as zoom whitening – can be completed in a single visit. Where To Begin? Once it’s been decided that reconstruction is appropriate, your dentist will sit down and draw up a plan of individual treatments. They will explain carefully what each individual treatment will entail, how long it will take, and what the effect will be. They will also calculate how much the combined treatments will cost and discuss any special offers or financing terms available. Whether you wish to fix your missing or broken teeth with dental implant treatment, shift the position of the teeth, have the enamel whitened or combine them all for a dazzling wholesale transformation, book an appointment today and discuss exactly how you could set about transforming your smile.

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