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Selecting the Perfect Dental Practice for You

Posted on 10.02.2015 by perfectsmile

Your health is, quite literally, the most important thing in your life and the lives of your family members. Without good health, nothing else really matters, and that’s why it’s so important that you take the time and trouble to select the medical practitioners who are just right for you. This is just as true when dealing with dental matters as it is with any other medical issue. Looking after your teeth isn’t just a question of worrying too much about how you look, since a healthy smile will allow you to fully engage with other people in a relaxed and confident manner, assured of a the good impression you’re creating. Besides this consideration is the fact that healthy teeth and a healthy mouth are key indicators of all round general good health, since problems such as gum disease and excess plaque have been linked to conditions such as heart disease and arthritis, whilst a dentists is also almost bound to be the first person to spot serious problems such as oral cancer. Good general health often lies in building a strong long term relationship with your dentist, and making just the right choice in the first place will mean this is far more achievable. When selecting the practice that is just right for your family and you, the following are factors which are always well worth bearing in mind:

  1. Ask Around for Peoples Reviews: Have a word with people you know whose judgement you trust, and ask them if they’re happy with their dentist. They won’t Dental reviewshave any particular axe to grind, and so are bound to offer an honest and unvarnished opinion. Friends with families, for example, will be able to give a fact-based judgement of how good a practice is at dealing with children and making them feel relaxed, whilst those who have undergone large scale cosmetic treatments will be able to explain how much it cost, what it entailed, and whether they felt that they were firmly in control of what was happening throughout the entire process.

  2. Pay a Visit: Visit the clinic itself and see if you can look around and chat to the Visitpeople based there. The attitude they display when approached with such a request will be a good indication of the standard of service you can probably expect moving forward. A well run, professional clinic with high standards will be only too keen to let you see just what a first rate practice they are, whilst one which seems to balk at the idea of having would-be patients looking around may well have something that they don’t wish you to see. At the very least, a clinic which is unhelpful at this stage is demonstrating pretty poor levels of patient interaction.

  3. Clinic Location: Is the clinic situated in a location which is convenient for you and Clinic Locationyour family? Fitting check-up and treatment appointments around a busy working and family life can be difficult enough at the best of times, without having to factor in a long journey to and from the clinic. Also ensure that you would be able to get to the clinic quickly in the event of an emergency, and that it offers sufficient parking facilities to make accessing it quick and simple. Ask about their policy regarding weekend or evening appointments since, for many patients, these are the most convenient times to visit, and also make sure they have a firmly established procedure for emergency appointments, including being able to point you in the direction of alternative sources of emergency treatment.

  4. Look Out of Services They Offer: Make sure you discover the full list of services the clinic provides. If you intend embarking upon a substantial cosmetic dental makeover, for example, then there is no point booking yourself into a clinic which only specialises in general dentistry. Similarly, if you have a past history of requiring specialised endodontic (root canal) work, then make sure that the clinic you intend visiting can offer this service.

  5.  Price Lists: There’s no getting away from the fact that budget will be an issue which pricehelps to sway your decision when it comes to choosing a clinic. As well as assessing the general level of prices charged – something which may well vary from practice to practice, even for relatively similar services – check whether the clinic offers anything which will make budgeting for any treatment you require that much easier, such as interest free credit plans for more expensive treatments and a monthly membership payment offering general dentistry and access to other perks.

  6. Presence in Online World via Website: In the 21st century, every dental practice should have its’ own website, and any which doesn’t is broadcasting the fact that they’ve failed to keep up with modern trends. What is true of their approach to marketing might also go on to be true when it comes to the treatments they offer, so visit the clinics website and make sure that it is professionally produced and up to date. A failure to maintain a modern online presence may foreshadow a failure to maintain other high standards.

Three things which everyone looking for a new dentist should bear in mind are the following:

  • Do they provide the services you need – Many dental practices choose to specialise in particular fields of dentistry, such as preventative dentistry or advanced cosmetic surgery. The key is to find a clinic which offers the best all round service, meaning that you will be able to stay with them and build a good doctor/patient relationship as the years pass and your needs change. To begin with, for example, you may simply be seeking general preventative dentistry and the occasional treatment such as a filling. As you age and wear and tear takes its toll on your teeth, you might wish to access more advanced treatments such as implants, teeth whitening and veneers.
  • Reputation – What kind of reputation does the clinic have? In the internet age it’s easier than ever to research the general view of patients on a dentist, and those clinics with the best reputations will be only too keen to point you in the direction of comments made about them. Find out if the clinic is committed to searching out and applying the very latest treatments, with members of staff who make it their business to attend seminars and training functions all over the world, discovering and exploring the cutting edge of dental technology.
  • Pain Free Sedation Dentistry Treatment – Many people put off visiting a dentist when a problem develops for as long as they possibly can, often because they are worried about the pain that any treatment might cause. This is a very dangerous approach to take, however, since it might mean their teeth have been damaged beyond repair once they visit to access treatment, as well as running the risk that bad dental health could cause wider general health problems. Many of the UK’s leading clinics now get around this problem by offering pain free dentistry. This treatment, also known as sedation dentistry, involves placing the patient into a deep state of relaxation during treatment, thus avoiding any pain and discomfort without actually having to put the patient to sleep. People treated in this manner are frequently unaware that treatment has even started until it is all over and they are being helped out of the clinic. If pain or the fear of pain is putting you or a member of your family off accessing the dental treatment you need and deserve, then take the time to find a clinic which offers precisely this service.

Find the best possible dental implants clinic, for example, and you will not only receive the very best treatment on the day of the implants, you’ll also receive a backup and aftercare service which ensures your recovery runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you visit our clinics for Invisalign treatment in London and Newcastle, book in to discuss a smile makeover or simply want an appointment to ensure you’re cleaning your teeth in the correct manner, you’ll find that Perfect Smile clinics treat you as a whole person, and one who deserves the very best.

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