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Shine like a celebrity with a smile makeover

Posted on 05.04.2012 by perfectsmile

Shine like a celebrity with a smile makeoverModern dentistry is about much more than treating problems such as gum disease and tooth decay via treatments like extractions and fillings. Whilst state of the art dental clinics will always be available to deal with emergency cases which are causing a great deal of pain or distress, they are also places which offer a wide range of treatments aimed at maximising the aesthetic impact of a patients smile. State of the art equipment and a commitment to staying abreast of the very latest in orthodontic techniques combine to offer absolutely anyone the chance to treat themselves to the kind of dazzling, perfect smile which was once available for only Hollywood superstars or the very wealthy. The process is known as a ‘Smile Makeover’ and offers a combination of myriad different treatments which, taken together, can result in a smile which is even, white, straight and aesthetically appealing.

The problems which are often dealt with during such a process can include crooked or broken teeth, gaps caused by missing teeth, general staining and discolouration and the unsightly presence of dark coloured amalgam fillings. The treatments used to solve such problems and transform the appearance of teeth can range from teeth straightening to the fitting of dental implants, and a consultation with an orthodontist at a dental surgery in London will consist of the patient outlining the concerns that they have, and the surgeon detailing the treatment or treatments which can be applied to resolve these problems. Amongst the techniques which a dentist in London might recommend are the following:

Veneers – The fitting of dental veneers, super thin covers which are attached to the enamel of the patient’s teeth, can cover and thus solve a wide variety of problems, from badly stained teeth, to those which have been chipped or damaged. The veneers will be manufactured to match the shape and colour of the patients existing teeth or, on a larger scale, to create the impression of a gleaming white smile in only a fraction of the time which some other treatments might take. In some cases, a dentist may recommend the use of veneers to correct teeth which are spaced too far apart or are affected by gaps which are too large and thus are unsightly.

Whitening – if a patients teeth are in reasonable condition and straight and even in appearance, but sporting a colour which is some what less than dazzling, then the fastest and simplest route to perfection may be that of teeth whitening. It really doesn’t matter how much care people take over their dental hygiene regimen, things such as food and drink and other factors like the general passing of time and natural wear and tear can result in teeth which are grey and discoloured. After an initial consultation, a dentist in London or elsewhere will advise as to whether the treatment is apt, how long it may take, what it will entail and exactly what results can be reasonably expected. In many cases, the teeth whitening chemicals can be applied by the patient themselves in the comfort of their own home, thus providing ease of use and convenience alongside dramatic results.

The range of treatments, and the expertise with which they can be combined, means that any cosmetic problem can be dealt with and, whether it means having caps, veneers, braces or whitening, a perfect smile can be the aim of every patient.

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