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Smile killers: 3 top dental problems that you should avoid

Posted on 24.04.2013 by perfectsmile

Top dental problems that you should avoidHowever age and habits have unwanted effects on the condition of our teeth, there are things we can do to prevent further damage.

Taking good care of your oral cavity helps maintaining your dental health and the aesthetics of your smile. Despite the effect of some habits and stages of life in our oral condition, performing a good dental hygiene is always essential to prevent common dental problems, such as gum disease, decay or tooth staining, from evolving into severe issues that can put your overall wellbeing at risk.

1. Gum disease A part from other agents such as genetics or smoking habits, change in hormonal levels also affects the state of your gums. During puberty, the body releases hormones which, when imbalanced, can make you prone to develop oral issues. The same happens with pregnant women or those who take birth control pills: as both produce changes in hormonal levels, there is a higher risk of developing dental problems such as gum disease, which can result in oral infections, tooth loss or a more difficult recovery from tooth extraction treatments.

In all those cases, the guide to dental care indicates that a good dental hygiene and regular check-ups with your dentist help preventing and minimising any oral risks.

2. Decay Also a result of hormonal changes amongst other reasons, cavities can form in teeth and hazard your dental health to the point of experiencing oral infections and tooth loss.

One of the oral issues associated with puberty is that of swollen gums. More sensitive to dental plaque, swollen gums make teeth more prone to decay, and inflammation more likely to evolve to gingivitis and periodontal disease. The greater risk derived from all this is that of tooth loss, which can in turn cause malocclusion, misalignment and changes to one’s facial structure.

Missing teeth can be prevented with a good oral hygiene, dental supervision and early treatment. If this is not possible, a tooth implant is the most permanent and natural-looking solution to keep your teeth’s full functionality and appearance, allowing you to recover your natural smile with Invisalign braces or to undergo any other type of orthodontic treatment.

3. Tooth staining However the known benefits of tea and coffee in reducing the odds of suffering the two previously mentioned conditions, it is also true that hot beverages affect teeth enamel, making it expand and allowing the tannins to lodge into the void as teeth cool down again. The enamel becomes then more prone to further accumulation of more staining materials as well as dental plaque, which may lead back to tooth decay and gingivitis.

Laser whitening in London is a popular and widely demanded treatment to overcome the effects of hot beverages on the appearance of teeth, as well as to prevent further stains and the build-up of tartar on the enamel.

As usually advised by dental health carers, a good oral hygiene is essential to maintain the good condition of your teeth.

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