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Speeds: the quick and permanent fix for your orthodontic needs

Posted on 03.04.2013 by perfectsmile

Speeds Orthodontic BracesConvenience, comfort and a much shorter treatment time make speed dental braces one of the most popular choices for orthodontic treatment.

Suffering from misalignment or malocclusion means having a less attractive smile and, more importantly, it means that the functionality of your teeth is impaired and your dental health put at risk. Crooked and crowded teeth, as well as under and overbite problems, make optimal oral hygiene standards more difficult to achieve, promoting dangerous conditions such as decay or gum disease.

In order to prevent that, orthodontics has developed a wide range of treatments and devices able to help correcting the position of the teeth in your mouth.

From traditional metal braces to Invisalign clear braces, these methods help correcting misalignment and malocclusion problems, depending on your preferences and your dental needs. Dental braces cost can be one of the factors to consider when you are about to undergo orthodontic treatment: the cost of invisible braces, for example, is usually higher than that of traditional metal braces, however more aesthetic and convenient.

Halfway through these two options in terms of price and comfort, you have the choice of speed dental braces. Also known as rapid orthodontic braces, they use “self-ligating” brackets specially designed as individual trapdoors that hold an arch wire in place. A quicker and more comfortable device, speed dental braces are able to correct your teeth in a much shorter treatment time than that of other orthodontic devices.

There are plenty of patients who choose to undergo teeth straightening treatment with speed braces, particularly adults and young professionals who don’t like to spend time and money in uncomfortable or unappealing treatments:

I was about 29 when I decided it was about time to fix my teeth. I didn’t want to get metal braces that would make me look like a teen all over again, so I asked my dentist what options I had.

I knew about Invisalign and totally wanted it, but wasn’t quite confident of being able to wear the trays for twenty-something hours a day if I got the chance to remove them… so my dentist told me all about speeds. And I was delighted!

The brackets weren’t at all as big and showy as the traditional ones and it just took me half the time of the treatment with the old ones to get the results I wanted. I had to wear retainers some time after that, but only while I was sleeping, so it was very convenient. Also, it were very easy to clean and all after eating and needed fewer adjustments so I saved a lot of painful visits to make sure my teeth were properly clean and the wires properly tight…

As many other patients, Rose chose speed dental braces because of its quick treatment times and its pain-free, highly hygienic features.

If you are unsure about the best orthodontic procedure for your teeth, call us for a free quote on braces treatment in London.

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