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Straight From the Dentists Pen

Posted on 15.09.2013 by perfectsmile

A modern surgery is a high tech medical facility offering treatments for all patients which would once have been the preserve of the wealthy celebrity. Whilst regular visits and check-ups are still a vital part of spotting any problems before they become firmly entrenched, and of ensuring that your dental hygiene regime is working properly, the most exciting work carried out by modern dentists lies in the field of smile transformation, and the fact that the cosmetic treatments offered by a cutting edge London dentist can utterly transform the appearance of your smile.

If you’re one hundred per cent happy with what you see when you stand in front of a mirror and smile then you’re a very lucky person indeed but, let’s be honest, very few people can make this claim. You may feel that your teeth aren’t as white as they should be, or that they could be straighter or it could be something extremely obvious such as a missing or badly damaged single tooth. No matter what it is about your smile that bothers you, having it dealt with, and thus having the smile you’ve always dreamed of, will have a massively beneficial effect upon all areas of your life. Knowing that your smile is instantly creating a good impression every time you open your mouth to smile, speak or eat will allow you to relax in a broad range of work and social occasions, meaning that you don’t have to worry about being judged and can simply get on with expressing your full personality.

The process will begin when your dentist first takes a look at your teeth – they will ask you what it is about your smile that bothers you, and they will also point out any problems which their professional eye manages to pick up. Once the problems to be dealt with have been identified, your dentist will set about drawing up a treatment plan. In some cases the plan will consist of a single treatment, such as fitting an implant to fill a gap, but often the transformation of your smile will involve a plan which combines several different treatments such as teeth whitening, the fitting of veneers, crowns or the teeth being straightened using a device such the Invisalign system of braces.

Your dentist will explain carefully exactly what each different part of the plan entails, what effects will be expected, how long it will take and what it is going to cost. People sometimes express shock at the high price of some of the more advanced forms of cosmetic dentistry but there are two factors which should always be borne in mind. The first of these is that the technology being used is at the cutting edge of medical advancement, particularly when dealing with aspects such as 3D digital imagery and cone beam scanning. The second factor to consider is that the money spent on a smile makeover will be an investment in something which will have a major transformative effect upon your life for many years to come, allowing you to approach friends and strangers alike in confidence and completely altering the way you feel about yourself, something which is surely worth the investment. If you feel that your smile could be improved, and that your concerns with its’ appearance are holding you back, then visit your dentist as soon as possible and start the process of achieving the type of transformation which, for the average person, would once have been just a dream.

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