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Teens and braces: a fight you can now win

Posted on 29.12.2012 by perfectsmile

Invisalign teenegersTeeth straightening problems are typically treated when patients are teenagers, but how to make sure they properly follow the treatment?

Just like adults, teenagers are often embarrassed and uncomfortable at the mere thought of having to wear brackets and braces to correct misalignment and malocclusion. A part from the aesthetic improvement of the smile, another future –and far more important– enhancement of realigning teeth is a better dental health. The right position of teeth ensures a much better oral hygiene, which helps preventing decay and gum disease, as well as a proper bite and regular force distribution and wear patterns, which prevent teeth from rapidly wearing away or becoming loose.

Because dental health is an essential element of general health, it is important that teenagers understand teeth straightening devices are a temporary treatment to improve their dental condition. However, it can be difficult for them to think about future wellbeing when feeling embarrassed every time they look into the mirror. That’s why dentistry has developed teeth straightening devices such as clear braces, which offer a discreet solution to teeth realignment methods.

Invisalign braces have proven very helpful for adult professionals who wanted an unnoticeable, convenient and quick way to solve their misalignment problems. Its custom trays are replaced every two weeks for new ones until the treatment is over, applying progressive guidance to the teeth to move into their right positions, and allowing patients to remove the trays to eat and clean their teeth. For the treatment to be effective, however, dentists recommend a minimum 20h of use of the trays, something which can prove difficult for teenagers and quite expensive for parents. When failing to wear the trays, the treatment time can be increased, as well as its costs.

That’s why Invisalign developed an alignment program specially designed for teenagers. It includes six replacements for each set of aligners –in case the patient damages or loses them–, as well as a colour indicator in each aligner which fades with wear, showing patients when it’s time to change the aligner. This feature is also very helpful for parents, who can check on whether their kid is keeping up with his treatment.

Invisalign Teen not only resolves the problem of patients removing their aligners at the wrong times, but also offers teenagers a very comfortable, discreet and easy solution to correct their misalignment problems without hassle or unpleasant aesthetic consequences. Opposed to fixed conventional teeth straightening devices, invisible braces allow patients to keep a better oral hygiene, accessing all the areas of teeth while brushing and flossing after meals. Colour indicators are, in addition, a reminder for teenagers to put their aligners back on in order to successfully finish their treatment as soon as possible.

If you have a teenager at home who doesn’t want to consider conventional orthodontic solutions, Invisalign is what you are looking for

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