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Teeth brushing – a routine which effects go far beyond your teeth

Posted on 13.05.2013 by perfectsmile

Teeth brushingEven though the main benefit of daily brushing is a good dental health, there are many more positive consequences of keeping that habit.

As pointed out by diverse scientific studies throughout the years, there are many benefits of teeth brushing that go far beyond dental health. In fact, the good condition of the oral cavity along with other aspects of dental hygiene, such as eating habits or cleaning routines, have very positive effects on your overall health.

A recent study by the University of California and a previous one by the American Geriatrics Society have associated daily brushing with a lower risk of developing dementia. The latter, conducted over a period of 18 years, found out that the participants who didn’t practice daily brushing had a greater chance of developing dementia than those who did. However the studies cannot yet establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the brushing routines and a lesser chance to develop dementia, there seems to be a strong link between this condition and a poor dental hygiene and tooth loss.

Not only because of this link, but due to the harmful effects that missing teeth can have for your health, tooth replacement treatment procedures are recommended by dental experts around the world. Even though brushing can help maintain an optimal dental condition, many other factors can influence to develop decay, gingivitis or root canal inflammation. For that reason, regular visits to a dental specialist can prevent undesired problems to become really severe conditions hazarding your health. Perfect Smile Dental’s specialists recommend you to find an endodontist in London who is a qualified and trustworthy professional, able to assist you in the event of developing any of these conditions.

Especially when suffering from tooth loss, oral hygiene routines become all the more important. In order to be suitable for a tooth implant, a patient has to be free of dental conditions, including root canal inflammation and gum disease. As brushing at least twice a day and flossing help preventing gingivitis, bad breath and decay, it is particularly recommended for patients in need of a dental implant. Richmond’s Perfect Smile clinic is a modern, full digitally equipped practice with a professional team of dental specialists in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatments and dental implants. With seven dentists working at the surgery, a professional hygienist and an in house cosmetic dentist, Richmond clinic’s dental team is able to advise you on a wide range of treatments, from dental implants to Invisaling procedure in London.

As dental professionals, Perfect Smile dentists recommend to keep a thorough daily dental hygiene. This will help you keep your teeth functional and beautiful, and will also have beneficial effects on your overall health, such as preventing heart and respiratory diseases, helping control your eating and providing a better health for your baby if you are pregnant.

Leave your teeth in hands of the best professionals: get guidance and make an appointment online for your dental problems at Perfect Smile.

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