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Teeth whitening products: How to know which one is best?

Posted on 31.01.2013 by perfectsmile

Teeth whitening productsWith professional and over-the-counter products available for patients with stained teeth, informed advice becomes essential to make the right pick.

Stained or darkened teeth can become a real problem for many people to enjoy their everyday lives. Relationships, business or employment can be severely affected for lack of self-esteem and confidence resulting from appearance issues such as having crooked, stained or unpleasant looking teeth. In order to solve these and other problems, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of treatments to fulfill each patient’s needs.

Teeth whitening goals can be achieved via two main procedures: on-surgery professional teeth whitening and at-home treatments. On-surgery whitening processes are performed by a professional dentist at a clinic. After a fist consultancy where the dentist decides whether the patient is a suitable candidate for such treatment or not, a second visit is scheduled to perform the actual procedure. Some dentists recommend teeth are cleaned by a hygienist prior to undertake the treatment for better results and higher oral health standards.

The preparation for the procedure consists on protecting the gums and inner cheeks of the patient before applying peroxide gel to the surface of the teeth. In zoom whitening procedures, a light is then applied for 15 minutes to activate the gel before washing it off and repeating the process in order to achieve the best possible results. Professional whitening procedures generally use gels with a concentration of peroxide between 5% and 35%, depending on the needs of each patient. Some of them recommend the combination of on-surgery methods with at-home teeth whitening kits, which they provide along with custom made trays for the patient to apply the product himself.

At-home whitening products usually present a much lower concentration of peroxide. That’s the reason why these treatments alone take more time to show results than on-surgery procedures. However, over-the-counter products and professional kits provided by dentists neither have the same components, nor provide the same final effects, as specialists in teeth whitening in Putney advise. According to experts from Perfect Smile clinics, talking to the dentist about whitening goals and reviewing the patient’s dental history are essential to determine the more suitable whitening treatment for everyone.

In order to avoid major risks for health, any dental condition must be treated and cured before engaging in a teeth whitening procedure. That’s one of the main reasons why professional treatments offer more guarantees than over-the-counter products. Decay, gum disease, orthodontic treatments or root canal infections make patients unsuitable for teeth whitening procedures. These and other problems can only be detected, treated and followed-up by dentists to ensure patients’ dental health is at its optimal condition to undertake a cosmetic treatment without any risk.

As teeth whitening can make a great difference in patient’s life, professional information and advice are vital to make the right choice.

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