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Tell a Friend about Perfect Smile Membership Plans – Special Referral Offer

Posted on 10.01.2015 by perfectsmile

Your smile is more than just something pleasing to look at, it is vitally important. Strong, white, healthy teeth will allow you to feel confident in absolutely any social or work based situation, leaving you feeling relaxed enough to fully express your personality and allow others to do the same. What’s more, healthy teeth are likely to mean a healthy person in general, with dentists able to spot the first signs of a multitude of different problems. That’s why the dental membership plans offered by Perfect Smile dental clinics are so important, since they formalise your relationship with the clinic, allow you to pay your bills on a monthly basis, and offer guaranteed levels of prevention, maintenance and treatment. In short, they are the first step to take if you wish to get a perfect smile. Membership Plan Full of Perks What is the Perfect Smile membership plan Signing up for the Perfect Smile membership plan means becoming part of a rather exclusive club. We like to regard our relationship with our patients as being a long term, two way arrangement, and our care is as much about prevention as it is about treatment. We don’t simply want you to come for help when something goes wrong, we want you to visit us on a regular basis, so that we can spot problems before they really begin to harm you, and offer just the right treatment. Patients on our plan will have fewer fillings, less tooth decay and teeth which are far more likely to last a lifetime, and all for a cost which is a significant reduction on the standard price. Reasons to join the Perfect Smile club The condition of your teeth is one of the first things that people spot about you. Like it or not, as soon as you smile people will make judgements about you, even if they’re not aware of doing it. Show them a set of strong, white healthy teeth and they’ll instantly conclude that you’re a person who looks after themselves and is clean and healthy. On top of this there is the simple fact that knowing how good your smile looks will allow you to relax and just be yourself. Feeling self-conscious about teeth which are crooked, badly stained or otherwise imperfect will stop you smiling, laughing and chatting as you otherwise would. Joining one of our membership plans means that your teeth are being checked and looked after in a long term and co-ordinated manner, rather than simply being patched up as and when problems arise. An investment in your smile is one which will pay off many times over. How to join Joining our membership plan really couldn’t be simpler. You just have to take a few minutes out of your day to fill in a short form, providing a few details. If it’s not convenient for you to come along to a clinic and fill this form in at reception, then we can simply post or email it out to you to complete in your own time. Joining the club is in no way dependent upon the condition of your teeth or the amount of dental work you’ve had done in the past, nor does it mean you will automatically be given expensive and complicated courses of treatment. There are two levels of membership available at Perfect Smile – Platinum Class and Gold Class. The benefits of each package are as follows: Platinum Class

  • Two full dental examinations and an oral health screening each year, including a comprehensive oral cancer screening every six months
  • A full visit to the dental hygienist every six months, which will prevent the build-up of plaque, leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean and greatly reduce your chances of developing gum disease
  • Treatment for sensitive teeth and any x rays required
  • Members receive a 10% discount for any general or cosmetic dentistry treatments
  • Antibiotics dispensed when in stock at the clinic
  • Exclusive access to preferential appointment times
  • Insurance against the cost of accidental damage to your teeth anywhere in the world
  • Emergency call out insurance meaning you can access dental treatment in times of need no matter where in the world you are
  • 12 months protection to cover your payments in the event of redundancy

Gold Class

  • The benefits of Gold Class memberships are exactly the same as those for Platinum Class, with the exception that there is only one dental examination per year rather than two

Refer a friendAt the moment we are running a promotion which means that, having sampled the plus points of membership, if you are able to refer a friend to us you’ll get a month of your membership free of charge. All you need to do is provide us with their contact details and, if they agree to join, you’ll be given your free month. An even bigger bonus of this offer is the fact you’ll be given a free month for every person you refer, meaning two referrals will earn you two free months, three will earn you three and so on. If you care about your smile and want to make sure it stays in the best possible condition both now and in the future, then join our membership plan and gain access to the many perks and advantages on offer.

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