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The Advantages of Fin Implants

Posted on 02.09.2013 by perfectsmile

Fin ImplantsWhether you’re dealing with an individual chipped or damaged tooth or a row of teeth which have grown crooked and uneven, your dentist will be able to recommend the perfect treatment.

Although some people attend a clinic determined to completely alter the appearance of their smile, aiming for the kind of straight, even teeth that used to be the preserve of Hollywood film stars, many are seeking help for a problem which is afflicting a single tooth. Even if you always work hard to maintain the hygienic integrity of your mouth and to maintain a diet low in sugar and other damaging acids, it’s still possible that you’ll be unlucky and suffer from an accident which damages a tooth or perhaps even knocks it out altogether. Where a damaged tooth is concerned your dentist will go to all lengths to save the tooth, but sometimes this won’t be possible and occasionally the entire tooth might have been knocked out. If this is the case there’s every chance your clinic will offer to replace the tooth in question with an implant, an artificial solution which replaces both the root and the crown of the tooth to create something which is permanent and natural looking. The ‘root’ of the implant will take the form of a titanium pin which is attached to the jawbone. In the past, patients with thin jaw bone ridges weren’t suitable candidates for implants, because the jaw wasn’t robust enough to hold the pin. The only solution would be for the dentist to graft extra bone onto the jaw, a complicated procedure which would make the treatment period significantly longer. Now, however, a patient with a thin jaw bone ridge can be fitted with a fin implant, a type of pin which requires less bone to support it, whilst still providing a strong and permanent anchor for an artificial crown.

If you need dental implants in London then pay a visit to an implants clinic, where a technician will examine you and, if need be, take an x-ray or scan to ascertain the condition and health of your jaw bone. If it is determined that implants would be the best course of treatment, but that your jaw bone is too thin to support a traditional pin, then your clinic, if it’s working at the leading edge of treatment technology, will offer fin implants.

The first part of the process, following your initial examinations and a detailed explanation of the treatment, up to and including the cost of dental implants, is for the dentist to make a small incision in your gum, allowing access to the bone underneath. With the use of specialised tools, your dentist will then drill a very small hole in this bone, and this hole will then be made larger with the use of bone expansion equipment. Having created this socket, your dentist will then place a fin implant in it and will seal the edges of the hole with a special cap. The final closure of the hole will take place when the gum is stitched shut around the edges of the pin, and the whole will then be left to heal for a period of two to three months. It is during this time that the process of osseointegration takes place, which means that the titanium of the pin actually bonds with the bone in the jaw, thus becoming permanently attached to the body. When this process is complete, a custom made crown can be attached to the pin, thus perfectly mimicking the tooth which is being replaced (some dentists may offer to fit a temporary crown whilst the healing process is taking place). At the end of the process, your smile will have been restored to its’ former glory and you’ll once again be able to relax when you eat, speak or smile.

There was a time when a badly damaged tooth would have to be removed or left to decay, leaving behind simply an unsightly hole. The advances in implant technology have changed all this, however, and made it possible for anyone to have a damaged tooth replaced with a lifelike substitute. New developments like fin implants mean that more people than ever can take advantage of the treatment, so if there’s a tooth that’s troubling you then now’s the time to do something about it.

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