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The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Posted on 30.01.2014 by perfectsmile

Dentures which shift too much can make eating and talking difficult and can even fall out of the mouth at embarrassing moments.

The best dental clinics will always work to ensure that they can offer the very latest treatments to their patients. This will mean combining the very best that the latest technology has to offer in terms of equipment and materials with the newest techniques being pioneered around the world. By bringing these to bear a modern dentist will be able to solve problems which would once have been intractable and to offer solutions which blend durability with convenience and practicality with aesthetic value.

One such problem is that of missing teeth. When just one tooth has been knocked out in an accident, fallen out through decay or been chipped and damaged beyond repair then dental implants in the UK offer perhaps the very best solution. An implant takes the form of a titanium pin which is embedded in the jaw of the patient and then used as the ‘root’ for an artificial crown. The chief advantage of dental implants in the UK is that, over time, the titanium pin actually becomes biologically attached to the body. This is a process known technically as osseointegration, and it means that the pin will be every bit as strong, hard wearing and permanent as the actual bone itself. Once this process has taken place, an artificial crown can be fitted onto the pin, having been custom made to perfectly resemble the tooth it has been designed to replace. If looked after properly, this implant will last as long and in as good condition as the tooth it was created to replace.

Often, however, particularly amongst older people, a time may arrive when a full set of teeth has to be replaced. Modern techniques and materials mean that wearing dentures is not the drastic step it would once have been, and needn’t be as damaging to a patients social and professional life as sometimes used to be. Lose dentures, for example, might move around whilst a person is speaking or eating, and may even fall out at deeply inopportune moments. It’s now possible, however, to have a set of dentures secured in place using mini dental implants.

Like ordinary dental implants these mini implants are made of titanium but, as the name suggests, they are much smaller than standard implants. A mini implant, indeed, is roughly the same dimension as a wooden toothpick and four of them could be attached to a patients jaw in a short and relatively simple procedure which only requires local anaesthetic. The procedure and materials, indeed, are both so patient friendly that someone having mini implants fitted could actually be eating a small meal within an hour of leaving the surgery. Once the implants are in place, a patient’s denture can be snapped into place on top of them and will be held firmly and securely, allowing the patient to forget that they are even wearing anything artificial in their mouth.

The cost of mini implants is less than that involved with full sized implants, dues to the smaller scale of the implants themselves and the quick and simple means of attaching them. The fact that you can also access implants surgery with finance facilities, which will spread the cost over a period of months, means that more people than ever can afford to access this cutting edge treatment.

Dental Implant Offer

Wearing dentures, whether full or partial, may still seem like a drastic step to take. Clearly, keeping your own teeth will always be the preferred option, but where it isn’t possible, the fact that the technology behind dentures is constantly evolving will make all the difference to the life of a patient.

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