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The Dangers Posed By Energy Drinks

Posted on 27.09.2013 by perfectsmile

The knowledge that you’re creating a fantastic first impression will ensure that you feel relaxed and able to express yourself in a wide range of professional and social situations and having a set of teeth which have been well looked after is one of the most effective means of creating this good impression.

There are many dental care tips which, if followed, will result in your teeth staying healthier for longer, and a lot of them revolve around two basic things – the food and drink you consume and the way you clean your teeth. If you visit a Perfect Smile dental clinic regularly then you’ll receive invaluable dental care tips from highly qualified and experienced staff, and amongst this advice will be warnings as to what specific food and drink you should avoid in order to protect the enamel of your teeth.

Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth – the hard white covering which is actually visible above the gum line. Although enamel is the hardest substance in the human body it is still vulnerable to wear, decay and damage. What’s more, if enamel does become damaged then, unlike most other body parts it does not repair itself. Enamel protects the integrity of the tooth as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing surface. Any small hole in the enamel can lead, in the short term, to painful sensitivity, especially when eating hot or cold food and drinks, and, over a longer period, to decay which will attack the nerves and tissues inside the tooth. The chief cause of damage to tooth enamel is the build-up of plaque, a sticky white substance which, when combined with sugar, creates acid which eats into the enamel.

One piece of advice which any dentist will give to you is to avoid drinking too much fizzy energy drink. The irony is that drinks of this kind are usually seen as being healthy and are drunk by people who pride themselves in remaining physically active and sporty. The truth, however, is that the acid in such drinks will attack the enamel of your teeth. The first reaction of most people upon being told this is simply to brush their teeth after drinking such drinks, but brushing your teeth too soon will merely drive the acids in the drink even further into the enamel. The ideal is to wait thirty minutes before brushing your teeth and to rinse your mouth out with water. Chewing sugar free gum can also be effective as it increases the production of saliva, a substance which dentists sometimes refer to as ‘nature’s mouthwash’ and one which contains minerals and proteins which help to protect the enamel of your teeth. The ideal solution, of course, is to greatly reduce or even completely stop your consumption of such drinks. A qualified dental technician will be able to examine your teeth and spot the early signs of enamel damage, which is why you should book an appointment with our hygienist and make you teeth healthier and stronger. Amongst the early warning signs that your enamel has been damaged are the following:

Extra sensitivity – i.e. pain when eating or drinking something particularly hot or cold.

The front surface of the teeth may feel rough or seem to have ‘dips’ in it.

The teeth will look less white and bright then they used to, as thinner enamel allows the darker substance beneath to show through.

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