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The future of dental technology at your dental practice, today!

Posted on 17.05.2013 by perfectsmile

The future of dental technologyThe application of cutting edge technology to the field of dentistry aims for safer diagnosis, quicker procedures and the best results.

Technology is taking giant leaps forward these days, and the field of dentistry is no alien to these advances. Quite the contrary, in fact, as dental technology becomes better in terms of appliances, materials, and diagnosis and treatment tools almost in a monthly basis:

CBCT The Cone Beam Computed Tomography is an extraordinary device that allows your dentist to have a clear image of the inner structure of your mouth, finding out within seconds even the tiniest issue you may suffer. It is particularly useful, for example, to check your bone density in dental implant treatment.

Dental Microsurgery Using a microscope and fibre optic lighting system to magnify the area of your mouth that needs treatment, microsurgery allows your dentist to have a more precise and clear view of the procedure. This enhancement is of particular help in complex cases such as dental implants, root canal surgery or gums treatment, amongst others.

Digital Tomography This piece of technology combines the X-rays with computerised processing of the information to build visual models of your oral cavity. With sharper images than those achieved by traditional X-rays, your dentist is able to distinguish bone, tooth, nerves and soft tissue to identify any possible issues. This becomes essential in dental implant procedures, planning for orthodontic treatment, diagnosis of tumours and many other common, yet hazardous, dental issues.

Endolase™ Enhancing root canal extractions, Endolase’s laser energy radiates from extremely fine tips (Endotips™) to allow your dentist maximum precision when cleaning, shaping and disinfecting root canals. This tips help clearing infection and bacteria deep down into the root canal. Also, unlike traditional methods, Endolase protects the tooth structure and is able to reduce bacteria by 99.7% in just two to three minutes per canal.

Waterlase® This revolutionary device uses water stream technology to cut and shape teeth, replacing the conventional dental drill. It is able to remove enamel, dentin and decay while eliminating the shrill and the needle of the dentist drill, and producing a temporary analgesic effect that allows to rule out anaesthesia for most procedures.

With 13 implant clinics in London, Perfect Smile cosmetic teeth surgery is one of the most advanced and technologically equipped in the capital. Our contemporary clinics count on a range of diagnosis and treatment devices, including CT scanners, OPG machines and digital X-ray systems, to allow our top-class dental team to treat you the way you deserve.

Because we strive for excellence in all our treatments and services, we are able to offer you dental implant 24 hour aftercare and support and access to the more professional treatments with discount on multiple implants to replace your missing teeth and orthodontic treatments with Invisalign –best prices guaranteed!

Make sure your mouth is in the best possible hands: visit Perfect Smile today and enjoy the most advanced procedures for your teeth.

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