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The Smoking Can Do Damage To Your Teeth

Posted on 08.10.2012 by perfectsmile

Smoking Can Do Damage to your TeethFor too long, most people have accepted the idea that a dental surgery was a place you visited only when a problem arose. If a tooth developed a cavity, for example, or became chipped and damaged, then a trip to the surgery would be necessary to alleviate the pain and fix the problem, but otherwise your teeth could be left to look after themselves.

The truth, however, is that visiting your dentist regularly will not only increase the likelihood of you keeping your teeth in a strong and healthy state, but it will also play a vital part in your general good health and all round well-being. Oral health care in London is now about much more than just fitting dental braces to straighten teeth. On the one hand, a state of the art orthodontist or dentist will be able to offer a range of treatments which, when combined in the right way, are perfectly capable of completely transforming the appearance of a person’s smile. In the past, perfect straight white teeth were seen as being the preserve of film stars and other celebrities, but now a glowing, dazzling smile is something which absolutely anyone can aspire to. Knowing that your teeth look as clean and healthy as possible will give you a confidence which can be carried through to every area of your life.

The other role played by a modern dentist is perhaps even more important, as it centres on the fact that a healthy mouth can lead to a healthy body. There are many illnesses which first make themselves felt in the area of the teeth and gums, with links having been established between gum disease and conditions such as diabetes, for example, and if your dentist thinks you are at risk from a situation such as this developing they will be able to point you in the direction of a medical check-up.

The attitude which your dentist will have toward smoking, for example, is one which will stand you in good stead in all areas of your life, especially since recent studies have found that the link between cigarettes and poor dental health is even stronger than was previously suspected. A recent report published by Americas National Centre for Health Statistics looked at connections between a tobacco habit and factors pertaining to dental health, and came up with some interesting findings. The headline finding was the simple fact that people who currently smoke are four times as likely as those who’ve never smoked to experience poor oral health. Not only that, but they were still twice as likely to experience problems as those who had once smoked but had since given up. This also meant that those who currently smoke were found to be twice as likely as non-smokers to have experienced three or more specific oral health problems.

Another interesting finding unearthed by the study tended to indicate that those who are careless enough about their health to maintain a tobacco habit are also more likely to be careless where the state of their teeth is concerned. Specifically, smokers were twice as likely as both former and non-smokers to have not visited the dentist in the past five years. The reasons behind these findings may be directly causal, or may have more to do with the social status and other habits of people who smoke, but the overall conclusion is hard to escape – if you smoke cigarettes, you’re far more likely to suffer problems with your teeth. Once again, a dentist may be the first medical practitioner to point out the damage that smokers are doing to themselves, since dis-coloured teeth are one of the most obvious signs and may prompt a decision to give up smoking before some more serious condition takes hold.

No matter what kind of oral health care in London you require, from teeth whitening to dental braces, your dentist will take the time to thoroughly examine every aspect of your teeth and gums and offer any advice they feel is warranted. Listening to them will lead to your teeth being cleaner and stronger and to your body in general being healthier.

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