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The Tell Tale Signs Of Gum Disease

Posted on 12.11.2012 by perfectsmile

The Tell Tale Signs Of Gum DiseaseWhen considering the nature of dental health and the problems which can befall the average mouth, most people naturally tend to focus upon the condition of the teeth themselves. This is because teeth which are decaying have been badly damaged or are out of place are very easy to spot. Not so obvious, however, are the problems which can arise as a result of periodontitis or, to put it more simply, gum disease.

Focusing upon your teeth when dealing with oral health matters is only natural. After all, the state of your teeth is the thing which people are going to notice when you open your mouth to speak or smile at them. What’s more, problem teeth are easily identified in a visual sense; if a tooth is cracked or chipped, or has started to decay in a significant manner, then it will be simple to pick out even for someone who has no experience in the field.

This focus upon the aesthetic value of individual teeth is what lies behind the demand for teeth whitening. Many people smile into the mirror and see teeth which are grey and discoloured, and are determined to do something about it. After all, having a smile which is white and bright and clean looking is something which would make most people feel totally confident when approaching a huge range of situations. Indeed, if you’ve got an important date such as a vital job interview or wedding day approaching then you might want to access teeth whitening by laser, a technique which combines the use of bleaching agents with targeted intense laser beams in order to whiten teeth at a much faster rate.

Ask any dentist, however, and they’ll tell you that a set of teeth, no matter how well looked after, are only as good as the gums in which they rest. If your gums become diseased then they’ll deteriorate to the point at which the teeth themselves won’t be fully secure, and this is something which anyone with an interest in the state of their smile would wish to avoid.

When it comes to deciding whether you’re suffering from gum disease, the best step to take is to visit your dentist and ask them to examine your mouth and tell you exactly what they think. Over and above this, however, is the fact that there are certain signs which anyone can look out for when it comes to spotting gum disease, and these signs are as follows:

Bleeding Gums: many people assume that gums which are bleeding are merely a symptom of the fact that they’re brushing their teeth too hard. The truth, however, is that healthy gums ought to be able to withstand a fairly hard scrubbing without actually starting to bleed. If your gums bleed regularly when you scrub them, then you may well be suffering from gum disease.

Bad Breath: If you don’t floss regularly, then the chances are that plaque will build up around the gaps between your teeth. If left unchecked, this can lead to unpleasant aromas.

Appearance: One of the most effective dental health techniques is to look carefully at your teeth and gums and get to know how they appear when healthy. If you do this, you’ll quickly notice any swelling and reddening around the gum line, both of which, allied to receding gums, are a sign of gum disease.

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