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Three Easy Steps To An Improved Smile

Posted on 14.02.2014 by perfectsmile

For many people the start of a new year is the time to start embracing resolutions and changing the way they do certain things. Often, this means going on a diet, joining a gym or perhaps picking up a new hobby or interest. When it comes to teeth, however, the best resolution you can possibly make is to develop a strong and long term working relationship with your dentists. For a lot of people the New Year is the time to start booking in for regular check-ups and thinking about what exactly you could do to improve your smile. Make no mistake, having a healthy looking smile will have a huge effect upon the instant judgements which people make when they first meet you. A set of clean, even, white teeth will immediately give the impression of someone who looks after themselves and is well groomed and attractive, and the knowledge that this is the message your smile is sending out will enable you to feel relaxed and confident. Sometimes, however, basic checks and treatments aren’t quite enough to give you the smile which you’ve always dreamed of, but the good news is that there are treatments which you can access to completely transform the appearance of your teeth.

The first thing to point out when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth is that a healthy diet and strict hygiene regime are steps which absolutely anyone can take. By cleaning your teeth regularly and avoiding foods with a high sugar or acid content, you’ll be doing your best to protect the enamel of your teeth and maintain its’ appearance. Sometimes, however, this is not enough – you may have teeth which are overcrowded or crooked, perhaps you’ve damaged some of your teeth in an accident or it could be that you’re one of the unlucky people with a tendency for your teeth to become grey and discoloured as you grow older. If this sounds like the kind of problem which you’re dealing with then pay a visit to your dentist and ask about transforming your smile. The chances are that they’ll be able to put together a treatment plan which utilises aspects of the following three simple steps:

  • Repair – you may have chipped or broken a tooth in an accident, or it could be that the gap between two of your teeth is wider than you’d like. Whatever is causing the problem, there is a range of options available. Depending upon the nature of your problem and your overall dental health your dentist may recommend the following:
  • A Veneer – a covering, not unlike a false nail, which can be cemented to the front of a tooth to cover cracks or blemishes.

Dental Veneers - Perfect Smile Dental

  • A Crown – this takes the form of a replacement covering which is fitted onto the healthy part of an existing tooth.

Dental crowns

  • An Implant – an implant is a treatment which replaces the root of an unhealthy tooth with a titanium pin which grows into the bone, and then replaces the visible part of the tooth itself with an exact replica made of a material such as ceramic.

Dental Implants

  • Teeth Whitening – although the right type of cleaning regime can work wonders on stained or discoloured teeth, there are some problems which can’t be dealt with without the use of special bleaching agents. Although at- home kits are easily available, the strong and sometimes dangerous nature of the chemicals involved means that it’s best to whiten your teeth in conjunction with your dentist. They will explain exactly what the treatment entails and how many shades brighter you can expect your teeth to become. In most cases they will then have a custom designed application tray constructed which can then be filled with a bleaching agent or gel and fitted over the teeth. Once this has been done in surgery most patients can then take the bleach and tray home with them and apply as and when it’s convenient. In some cases, when quick results are needed, the dentist may well combine a bleaching agent with the application of a laser which will help to activate it more quickly.

Often, the plan which is needed to completely transform the appearance of your smile will consist of a combination of all of these treatments. At Perfect Smile we’ll draw up a smile makeover plan which can alter the impression your smile creates by dealing with all of the problems which are affecting your confidence. If you join our Club Class Membership Plan you’ll be able to budget for your makeover by making monthly payments. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of one or two full check-ups per year (depending upon whether you opt for gold or platinum membership) plus all of the advantages of building a close long term relationship with your dentist which will to better dental health, lower costs and a smile you can be proud of.

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