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Toothache: a warning sign of potentially severe dental damage

Posted on 15.02.2013 by perfectsmile

ToothacheEven when toothache wears off in one or two days, danger of infection and inflammation remains something to deeply care about

Amongst the reasons of toothache, decay is the main and most important, as well as the one which implicates a higher risk for dental health. Decay contains bacteria which need to be removed in order to prevent caries. If decay is too close to the pulp of the tooth (the part that contains the nerve tissues) it infects and inflames it, thus causing temperature sensitivity on teeth. If the body defences fail to fight the inflammation, the pulp and the nerve die. That’s why toothache can wear off in a couple of days, because the death nerve ceases to transmit the pain, even though the infection still progresses to the point it can become chronic if not properly treated.

When having a non-vital nerve, root canal or endodontic treatment becomes necessary. It consists in accessing the cavity of the tooth from its top to enter the pulp chamber and remove the dead pulpal tissue, clean and disinfect the root canals and fill them to seal against further infection.

But before having a dead nerve, it is possible to identify and fight the consequences of the five main types of toothache:

  • Intermittent and sharp pain combined with tooth sensitivity may be caused by gum recession, enamel loss or a small dental cavity which can be the result of an abscess, a crack or severe decay.

  • Chronic toothache is usually a reaction to nerve damage which can result from teeth grinding, severe tooth decay or trauma though injury.

  • Intense and throbbing painis sometimes accompanied by swollen face and often a sign of an abscess or an infection.

  • Pain when eating usually indicates tooth decay or a slight fracture in a tooth.

  • Pain at the back of the jawis usually associated with impacted back molars or teeth grinding.

There are some ways to ease the pain, from home remedies to painkillers, but a visit to the dentist is mandatory to prevent this warning signs to become real dental damage. As professional dentists like Perfect Smile’s specialists point out, athorough oral hygiene is essential for prevention, particularly for those wearing invisalign clear braces, implants, bridgework or traditional braces. It is also very necessary for those who are about to get one of those treatments, for a good dental health is required in most of them and can even cause incompatibilities –for example, when wanting dental implants, gum disease cases can make it unsuccessful or even impossible.

Therefore, toothache is something to pay special attention to, for it may indicate severe damage or danger to dental health.

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